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Poetry Workshop Tommorrow!
4/13/1310 am – 1:30
Augusta Public Library
823 Telfair
hosted by:
Lucinda Clarke
Augusta Literary Newsletter
Hey cheryl!There are so many literary events happening all over our community, I try to keep abreast of them all, but alas, sometimes I fall short. If I missed an event or three, please make sure you let me know, so it can make the next quarterly newsletter.
Poetically Speaking
National Poetry Month
Open Mic Variety ShowApril 19, 2013
Augusta Library

823 Telfair Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901

Hosted by: LadyVee DaPoet

Brought to you by:

Lucinda Clark, ‘Poetry Matters Celebration’

Sherryl James, Augusta Richmond County Public Library

Doors Open: 6:30pm

Show: 7-9pm

Calling all Spoken Word Artists, Poets, Writers, Singers, Musicians, Conscious Hip Hop Artists, and Lovers of the Quality Performing Arts!

It’s time to take to the stage and Celebrate the Artistry of LIVE Entertainment!

~>Refreshments will be served…:)

**This Event is FREE and Open to the Public!!

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That’s all I have for now, see you about town.Sincerely,

Cheryl Corbin
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So You Didn’t Like My Review…..

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I originally reviewed this book on Goodreads and I said even though it was free, I wasn’t going to download it based on the cover.

The author responded to my review by stating the following:

“The ‘cousin’ (?) is intended as a generic love interest and is photographed in a haystack to demonstrate “The Man in a Haystack” which is a play on words, i.e. ‘searching for a needle in a haystack’? Hmmm… with respect, you’ve missed the point of the story which is probably no wonder as you confess to judging the book by its cover. The cover will be redesigned by a graphic artist to coincide with the launch of a sequel. Rating a book based on the cover alone is pretty harsh – no worries though, as it’s how you feel.”

I went back and downloaded the book, SINCE IT WAS FREE, and actually read the majority of it.  She may have been better off with my initial review. For an indie author to actually “THINK” that readers don’t make selections based on book covers is naive, silly and unrealistic.  However, I am nothing, if not fair.  So here’s to you indie author Alice Huskisson,  You will probably receive more downloads from my review, than people who saw the event listed on Goodreads.

This book was a free download by British blogger, Alice Huskisson. The cover was a turn off and initially I felt that even if it was free, that I was not going to download it. However, I was corrected by the author. The book cover is an analogy for the meaningless of trying to find a significant relationship, but this image has no real connection to the story, and if it does, I don’t feel it. If it was a half-naked hunk in a barn in the midst of ten loose bales of hay, then, yeah, Ha, very funny. The chap on the cover looks like a bad night at a country bar.

The book was written at the behest of Huskisson’s friends who enjoyed her dating exploits from her blog and encouraged her to write a book. She self published this work and it appears to be just posts from her blog. There is some flow and some connectivity in the main character, Mae’s trysts on her quest for love, and you find yourself rooting for Mae. You can almost feel the pain of her realization that the man in her bed is nothing like Mickey Rourke‘s character in 9/12 Weeks and life is not a movie.

I still am a firm believer that book cover is everything, especially when you are self published. American readers judge a book by its cover. I strongly suggest the author go back to the drawing board, and hire a graphic artist to remake the cover about an attractive metropolitan girl on a search for Mr. Right, then re-release the book.

Huskisson is no Helen Fielding and in reading Bridget Jones, you felt the cheekiness of the diary coming to life. There is little life in this story of an aging horny woman trying to capture something she feels she has lost. The book does have promise but a word of caution, get your cousin off the book cover, and I look forward to seeing the author’s growth in the sequel.

Book Review: World’s Craziest Recipes

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51tzg6PwUSL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-70,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Okay, so it was a free download, but I am looking for some new recipes.
This ish right here is off the chair, the rail, the hook and even Andrew Zimmerman would by pass some of this.

Deep Fried Pork Brains
Blood Pancakes
Grilled Sweetbreads
Curry Fish Head

Here is the recipe for Mexican Beef Tongue Tacos
Ingredients 1 3/ 4 lb beef tongue 2 large onions, peeled The bulb of garlic, peeled and crushed 6 to 7 bay leaves 1 Tbsp. of peppercorns 2 Tbsps. salt Vegetable oil Corn tortillas (2 to 3 per person) Bottled or canned salsa verde


Other recipes include.
Callos Madrilenos
Thai Water Beetle and Fish Dip
Ant Egg Soup
Stuffed Rat  ( say what now?

Here is the Recipe for Bosintang (Dog Soup)

100g of boiled dog meat

500g of gravy

20g of green onion

10g of a leek

10g of perilla leaves

100g of taro stalk soaked in water

Yes, it said a 100g of dog meat.  I think I just vomited a little in my mouth.  However, the crazy recipes don’t stop here.  Other gems in this book are:

Steamed Sea Cucumber
Banana Worm Bread
Adobong Balut
Fried Beef Penis  (Uh Garcon, how is the Penis today?)
Cuy Picante (Guinea Pig)
Huanuqueno Style Squirrel Pot Pie
Mealworm Fried Rice
Crispy Tarantula
Pickled Pigs Feet

If Chef Ban ever invites you to dinner, say hell nawwww!

Ban, Chef (2012-10-25). World’s Craziest Recipes (Chef Ban’s International Recipe Series) (Kindle Locations 344-357).

Rejection to a writer is like blood to a surgeon

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It’s a normal, if messy, part of every working day. Every single person who hopes to earn a living as a writer needs to memorize it.

Courage is a muscle: use it or lose it.

If you never show/try to sell your work, how can you determine its wider appeal?

Yes, you will almost certainly be rejected. Possibly many times. Assume so!

Surely by now you’ve all heard how many times billionaire author J.K. Rowling was rejected when she first sent out “Harry Potter”?

Here’s a list of 11 others who had their butts kicked hard before they became best-sellers.

And here’s a great post of 25 things writers need to know about it from writer Chuck Wendig’s blog on the same subject:

2. Penmonkey Darwinism In Action

Rejection has value. It teaches us when our work or our skillset is not good enough and must be made better…Rejection refines…

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Dealing With Rejection

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Deciding  to be a full time writer requires discipline, vision, and direction.  There are daily challenges to your craft and the daily checking of your cognitivedissonancebrainmailbox and inbox.  Focus becomes your enemy in the beginning because there are so many distractions.  The biggest distraction is rejection letters.

          It is difficult, no matter how mature or evolved you feel you are to deal with someone telling you, that YOU are not good enough.  Adding insult, to personal injury, it is being written, addressed, and sent to you, to say, you are not worthy.

          When attempting to process these letters of hate and disgruntlement, I am faced with a word that was posted on Facebook by a friend, she simply stated “cognitive dissonance.” For those of us, a tad bit out of school, this is imagesCAQ26ZX9just a fancy term for sour grapes.  If we go back to Aesop’s fables, the story of the Fox & the Grapes, is indicative of cognitive dissonance.  Since the Fox couldn’t reach the grapes he concluded they were sour and he did not need them anyway.

I am feeling some kind of way about these rejection letters. I don’t want to just say that maybe those publishers are not right for me, because in my heart, I know they are not.  I just submitted because I needed to submit.  In all honesty, the work was not ready and it should have never been sent to anyone.

I am not going to have sour grapes because I am going to take to time to make it right. My skin will become thicker, my vision will become clearer and I am going to stay off Facebutt and TwitBook.  I have installed HootSuite, and loaded all my pages into this app to reduce my distractions and move forward in my writing life. 

This is my year.

This my craft.

This is my vision….

Ooooh….Facebutt post…..