Month: July 2015

EC Stickies Dashboard

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I recently acquired one of these planners. I am so in love.,

My Erin Condren

As soon as I saw that there were sticky notes, I knew I would have to have them! I use sticky notes all the time in my planner and the EC brand looked super cute!

I had heard people saying that they didn’t love the dashboard because it made their planner too thick, so when mine arrived, it actually stayed in the package for a week.

As I continued to use my planner I realized that turning to my pocket folder in the back wasn’t as easy this year because I’m not using a pen loop. In he past, I would always put my pen loop on the folder which made it very easy to turn directly to that place in my planner. Bit this year I found myself struggling, having to flip to it in sections, and this was frustrating.

I got the idea to put my sticky note…

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