Month: September 2010

The Artistry of Life

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It often amazes me how an artist can see the world in brush strokes or treble clefs.  I once explained to someone that I see the world in words.  I can paint a verbal picture and draw a reader into my world and have them see what I feel. However, I am finding so many local artist across different mediums, that I must ask are we all artist in our own right?

          I don’t have an answer for that question, but I have learned in the last nine months, that one of the biggest fears of individuals is writing.  It seems simple enough that as an adult, we can sit down, and take what is troubling our minds, and transpose it paper. Yet, it becomes cumbersome, and an art form that many refuse to attempt unless absolutely necessary.

          It is a rhythm that does require some finesse to master, but so is the art of song.  We are all amateur song birds in our showers or our cars, but I am thinking of becoming an agent and contracting some of the talent I hear late at night in the aisle of Wal-Mart. Humming along to ring tones that aren’t always age appropriate, which is amusing when you see a 55 year old woman humming “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it”, but I am a firm believer of live it how you feel it.  I feel music and being a music savant, as a friend called me, I can and will chant along to almost anything that comes on Muzak or the radio. I, however, was born with the uncanny ability to miss a note if thrown at me with an underhand slow pitch, but I still love music.

          I also love art.  I have come into contact with local painters, sculptors, graphic artists, and quilt artist. I am floored at the amount of talent that lives and creates in this city. I am totally stoked about Westobou and the Arts in the Heart.  If you are an artist and are not participating, at least come out and review what is on display and be encouraged whether your medium be word, song, pallets or dance.  Life has a rhythm.  Art has a rhythm.  Take a moment and find your medium and engage in the artistry of life.