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Politics, Postings and Postulations

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I was just thinking about the number of people I have known for many years that I did not know were hatemongers and racist. However, a useful tool named Facebook has recently pointed out several useless tools that I have managed to call friends.  Before I delve into my disappointment, please allow me to qualify and quantify what I mean.

  • Clicking “like” and “share” on Facebook does not make you an activist, it makes you a follower.
  • Posting pic and cameos of your candidate in random photo ops, is not really showing your support.  A photo of you at your candidate’s campaign headquarters doing some work is showing your support.
  • Voting or supporting a candidate because he has the same color skin as you does not make you informed, it makes you, well…you know.
  • Following the debates on line and posting “B43” as a reference to sinking a battleship, means you missed the context of the sentence because you were trying to be cute.
  • Tweeting random misquoted snippets from other new shows means that you, like the news shows, probably have the information out of context.
  • Making generic statements that we are owned by China means very little when you are Tweeting the statement from your iPhone that was made in China.
  • Make wholly encompassing statements that we are no longer respected in the world, when you have never traveled outside of your state, it just well….you know.
  • Stating emphatically, that this is the worst president in the history of presidents is completely untrue. I would chock that one to William Henry Harrison who refused to cover his head in the dead of winter for his inauguration.  He was president for only 31 days. He died of poor decision making, because pneumonia took him out of office.

And last but not least, it is easy to complain when you have been shielded from a great deal of ugliness.  The past 12 years, many Americans have been unaware of how much the haves do hold, and how little the have nots, have not. There is no way to equally distribute wealth when I, like many of Republicans and Bobby Brown feel, “I made this money, you didn’t.”  However, as an American, you are guaranteed certain inalienable rights and free speech is at the top of the list. It is easy to postulate that your party has been hijacked, that this candidate is against pork bellies and so are you.  However, in the end, the job of President of the United States of America is the toughest job in the world.  There is no job training to prepare you for that role, and until you can walk a mile in either candidate’s shoes, then hush. I only ask that before you make that next post, ask yourself, what does being an American mean to you?

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I am prepping and planning.


Errol: There’s a lot of work that goes into organizing NaNoWrimo. That’s why I feel for the ML’s. Trying to get the venues booked, trying to find out how many people are going, and people always prodding you for answers. That’s why I never wanted to be one. I saw how hard it was! And let’s not talk about the drama! So for all you ML’s out there, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

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Prepping For NanoWrimo

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Okay, I have been extremely busy trying to move my writing career forward. I am gearing up for NaNoWrimo which starts on November 1, 2012. It is 30 days of literary abandon where in the end, you write a 50, 000 novel in 30 days. Yes, that is 1668 words per day which is the equivalent of 4 pages, double spaced, at a 12 point font. It is the most frustrating and rewarding challenge for any writer.

I know, it is easy to believe that people will just write crap in order to make the writing word quota. You may be surprised to find that Water for Elephants was written in Nano. See good stuff can come out.

Last year, I completed my second novel, Courting Guinevere, which is due to be released for Valentine’s Day, 2013. This year, I am starting part two of the four part series of the Davonshire family, Loving Words.

Here is the synopsis.

W.E. Devons dedicated much of his life to writing loving words. As the world’s best-selling romance writer, few knew he was a man, a recluse and a tad bit afraid of the world. His brother, who had always been his connection to the outside world, threw a monkey wrench into the idyllic writer’s life by hiring a ghost writer to write Devons autobiography. To avoid his brother’s match-making, he makes a pre-emptive strike and hires his own ghost writer. Elsie is an unassuming, homely woman that matches his passion for literature and the simplicity of a remote life. Although she is dealing with a dark secret of her own, the two learn to trust each other and learn that sharing a life requires more than just loving words.

I am ready to get started and even a bit excited. I am updating my pages and getting ready to roll. This year has been magnificent. I am with a new publisher and things are going well. If you are ready to write or do Nano, here are two wonderful tools, and a book of poetry to help inspire you.