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Lip Syncing Pros

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Yeah, that was awesome.

On the Bookshelf: A Kingpin’s Obsession

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Ajoni Mitchell is half German, half African-American, and all hood. What she wants to be is successful, and have at least one parent that isn’t on drugs. To do that, she will have to leave the crime-ridden and dope-infested Mecca, Georgia. She will do almost anything to make this happen, including joining the Blue Kings to hustle temporarily as one of their lowly street runners for cash.
Calen Kingsley, AKA King and head of the Blue Kings, is one hundred percent goon and wants something too, to be the boss of a legitimate cartel. He also wants Ajoni to sit on the second throne to his kingdom, whether she wants to or not. King has waited two years for Ajoni to grow up, and will have her at all costs on her eighteenth birthday.

Someone will have to give up their dreams, and neither one will ever be the same again when A Kingpin’s Obsession rips through everyone’s lives in Mecca that is connected to theirs, and someone else’s life that he does not know exists, yet. Then another obsession and problematic situation that could hurt everyone will be born.

A Kingpin's Obsession cover


Eight years ago, Ajoni Mitchell had no idea what she was really asking for when she approached a Kingpin about letting her join his crew the Blue Kings, which had complete control of the drug traffic in Mecca, Georgia. She just wanted a safety net for when her mother’s drug habit made them both hit rock bottom, but things went left during her initiation. Calen Kingsley, AKA King and his crew got a ten year bid for it. 

Now Ajoni has to go back to Mecca to deal with a crisis. This time she has no idea that the Blue Kings are being released early from prison one by one, or that a Kingpin’s obsession was still waiting for her.

Genre: Urban Fiction

Available on Amazon for $.99

Revisiting Thelma & Louise

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In 1991, the world was introduced to a meek housewife, played by Geena Davis named Thelma.

Thelma has a friend with a bit of a chip on her shoulder named Louise.  This feisty character is played by the real life feisty Susan Sarandon. 

Here’s the plot: Thelma wants to get out of the house from her controlling husband to go on a weekend fishing trip with the independent waitress friend.  Thelma get drunk at ome seedy bar, ends up in the parking lot nearly raped by some red neck with Momma issues.  Louise saves Thelma, but the man opens his man mouth, says some stupid man things, which pisses off Louise who puts a bullet in his man ego.  Well, actually, it went into his chest.  Now these two end up on a flight from the law in Thunderbird.

In between all this nonsense, overacting, bad choices and too much hair spray, Thelma runs across a young thief, played by Brad Pitt. 

Meanwhile, Harvey Keitel, looking raggedy as always like he slept in his suit, feebly attempts to convince the women to turn themselves in.  

Instead…well, you know how this ends.

Twenty five years ago this was an amazing movie.  Today, watching this, Thelma got on my damned nerves.  How can any woman be that much of a ditz! Secondly, Louise didn’t have to kill the man, she could have maimed him or something. This little disregard for life segues into the ending, which now is more perfect, because these two nincompoops should not have lived any more anyway.

The good thing about this movie was that sexy ass Brad Pitt.


Assistive Technologies Camp 4 Kids

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Not your average Summer Camp

We believe that knowledge (and more over its application) is power. We also strongly believe that modern assistive technology empowers all people, regardless of their disability, to both access and apply knowledge to their lives and situations.

TEK Quest is an immersive, interactive environment that exposes campers to the various assistive technologies that are available today and provides education, instruction, and support in utilizing these technologies in their daily lives.

Technology Empowers Knowledge

Our goal is to have your child look back on their time at TEK Quest and see it as more than just another fond Summer Camp experience. Yes, we want them to have fun, make friends, and create memories, but more than that, we want TEK Quest to be a doorway, a launching pad, a spring board for their journey towards self-empowerment and living life more independently.

The campers will become familiar with these assistive technologies and gain confidence using them. What they learn at camp will empower them to live more independently and approach the world and their life from a new perspective.

Registration is now open. The Summer camp is Free.

A Twist in the Fairy Tale… Montana- Chapter 1

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1. A Twist in the Fairy Tale… What am I doing here? Pecola Peters found herself standing in a courtroom before a judge in the middle of nowhere Montana getting married to a burly rancher with kind …

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