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My New Online Series.

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36fdef71a0e318fb8c7cdcfaf3745bceHey there.  I wanted to share something new with you that I am doing on Twitter and my FB pages.  It started as a joke, and I am being very careful not to use the artists names, but I am using those pics, to tell a story about me and my muses. It started off as a joke about me at this super sexy model, that would greet me each morning to make sure I was writing.

The Story is called Me and D Man.

You can follow along on Facebook at the hashtag #oliviaanddman

Or you can follow on Twitter with funny images and responses with the same hashtag of #oliviaanddman.

Each morning is a new entry.

But I had to add a twist.

I needed some conflict.

Some sexy ass conflict.

 He is the ex who doesn’t want to be the ex.

He also knows a secret, that he is using as triumph card.

I am having a lot of fun with this.

Follow along for the fun.




What’s in Your Kindle?

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Authors are doing a great number of cool cross promotional items and series that feed off each other and grow each brand. One of these items features my Author BFF Hildie McQueen with the American Mail-Order Brides Series. This is a pretty cool concept, fifty brides in fifty states.


My author BFF has book 44.

12466334_948302578598679_9097070791947731534_oHere are the links to her books and some other of my Buddies!

Happy Reading.

Planning Ahead with the Right Planner

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As you have found out, I am obsessed with planners.  I have even gone so far as to ask Avery Products to make a specific label in clear so I can lose my damned mind making stickers.  If you don’t know what a planner is or the new planner craze is all about, here is my planner.


This one is my writing planner.  I watch my word counts, set weekly writing goals, look at character development.  I love this planner because I can add pages to it.  It is the one planner that really lets you focus on your ideas.  It is called, drum roll please: Me and My Big Ideas.

I have modified it and created my own pages.


I love this planner because it allows room for, well, me and my big ideas, and Lawd knows I have lots of those.


Because I am a multi-tasker, I have two.  One for my writing life and one for my business life.  Unfortunately, I ordered it before I new about the Happy Planner. What I don’t like about this one is that it is spiral.  the covers are interchangeable, but you can not add pages to it.


I love the layout of it with room to write and make lists of things that need to be done.


Yes, mama loves the washi tape.


Tomorrow, I will get in some quilting and plan for my week.  Already, I have 3 appointments and that is it for one week.

So now, on to you. Finding the right planner is critical. it depends on your life style and what you are trying to accomplish. I saw this blog post and loved this planner, but I don’t know if I am ready to plop down another $50, but seriously how awesome is this?

Also on her blog is a list of free printables on everything from

  • Meal Prayer Cards
  • Summer Fun Days
  • Love Notes
  • Little Man Birthday Bash Printable Set

I love these for schedules and what not. That meal planning is mandatory. It saves you so much money.

  • Daily Routine – Start forming great habits and feeling accomplished with this simple day planner!
  • Monthly Meal Planner – Great for planning freezer cooking!
  • Complete Daily Planner – A simple daily planner for moms on the go. (available for purchase)

And then there are these trackers that help you keep track over everything.  Some of these I want and will print out later.

  • Account Tracker
  • Address Book {Contacts}
  • Auto Maintenance Log
  • Baby Journal
  • Babysitter Info
  • Blog Planning Calendar
  • Book Inventory
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Daily Plan (version 1)
  • Daily Routine (version 2)
  • DVD Inventory
  • Emergency Info
  • Exercise Log
  • Family Budget
  • Financial Goals Worksheet
  • Food Journal
  • Freezer Inventory
  • Immunization Record
  • Inspirational Tidbits
  • Kids Info
  • Kids Daily Schedule
  • Master Household Project List
  • Monthly Meal Planner
  • Online Password Tracker
  • Pantry Inventory
  • Perpetual Calendars (Birthdays and Anniversaries)
  • Restaurants & Take Out Contact List
  • Shopping List
  • Spending Tracker
  • Weekly Exercise Log
  • Weekly Meal Plan

Head over to Kayse’s website for the links to any of these great freebies.

The whole point of this is, you don’t have to buy a planner, you can make you own with a binder from the dollar store and a hole puncher. However, you need to start.

Have fun and happy planning.

What’s On Tonight: Olivia Gets Taken Hostage On ‘SVU’ And ‘American Horror Story’ Ends Its Season

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Olivia Benson is taken hostage, ‘It’s Always Sunny’ takes a mulligan for 2006, the season finale of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ and more of what’s on tonight.

Source: What’s On Tonight: Olivia Gets Taken Hostage On ‘SVU’ And ‘American Horror Story’ Ends Its Season

Watch James Corden Try To Figure Out If Betty White Is Older Than New Mexico

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James Corden quizzed Reggie Watts and Amar’e Stoudemire ahead of Betty White’s 94th birthday.

Source: Watch James Corden Try To Figure Out If Betty White Is Older Than New Mexico

Really Bad Book Covers

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I have always been of the mindset that when I am rich and famous, I can put out book covers that are abstract and artistic.  Meanwhile, while I am poor and struggling to sell 3,000 copies a month, I have to make darn sure my covers are representative of the story inside.  If you already have a day job and you want to release books for I guess, the hell of it, you can use any cover you like.

For example, this beauty:cover1119-500x750

Cloverdale “Wandelen Boom”

Fourteen short horror stories about the people, places and things in Cloverdale, Montana the World’s strangest small town.

It was released December 1, 2014.

It is priced at $2.99

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,053,729 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)


This one frightens me.

The description reads: Bonny was suddenly wide awake.
With a catch of fear in her throat, she saw the same white shadow that had followed her in the graveyard begin to appear.
“Who are you?” she cried. “What do you want?” The dazzling white figure smiled, a narrow brilliant evil smile.
“You know what I’ve come for,” he said.
“You can’t escape me.”
When Bonny inadvertently finds the object which the stranger so desperately wants, she is drawn into a mysterious and terrifying struggle between the Dazzling Clown and the kindly Black Monk. Suddenly, the whole fate of Time and Eternity, good and evil, lies in the hands of Bonny Starr…

Say what?

I can’t.


Now I just quit.

61+8nQj2mCL._SX166_SY265_Storybook relationships are rarely what they appear to be.

Most of these seemingly perfect relationships are filled with lies, deceit, and a little bit of insanity, just like Mike and LiLi’s. Mike fell in love with abused, promiscuous LiLi when he was sixteen, and over a span of seven years (two of which he spent incarcerated), his world evolved into confusion, hurt, and betrayal. LiLi, his dream girl, is the exact opposite of what he thinks and Mike quickly finds out that he can never change who she really is.

Mike must face the devastating fact that LiLi isn’t his bitch, and his best friend since childhood, Dee, is right there to help him..or is he? Come on this turbulent ride with Mike, LiLi, and Dee to find out if LiLi is Mike’s bitch, Dee’s bitch…or EVERYBODY’S BITCH!!!

by Niki Jilvontae    4.1 out of 5 stars (166)  One Hunnned and sissysix reviews! (Using my home girl voice.)


And there is a book 2


Volatile, deceptive, addictive, and manipulative are just a few terms that can be used to describe LiLi and Mike’s relationship.

After finding out his dream girl was not the devoted housewife he thought she was, Mike must face the world knowing that he has been living a lie. A series of unfortunate events will lead Mike to the truth; however, that truth will quickly turn out to be more than Mike’s mind can handle.

The saying, ‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you,’ is true in this case. Because when Mike finds out all LiLi has been hiding, he goes on a psychotic rampage with an anonymous stalker on the loose.

Will Mike finally find out who’s bitch LiLI really is? Or will the anonymous stalker end up making them all someone’s bitch?

by Niki Jilvontae       4.3 out of 5 stars (55)  Yep 55 reviews.

Evidently not, because there is a Book 3


After finding out that his entire marriage was a lie, Mike has a mental break that opens the door for the anonymous stalker to step in.

Out of his mind with hurt, jealousy, and rage, Mike sets out to make LiLi and Dee feel all of the pain he’s felt.

However, he doesn’t know that the stalker has a deadly agenda of his own.

Now Mike must face the demon inside of him and the one threatening his family while trying to remain sane and keep his bitch.

Come on this drama filled, thrill ride and find out once and for all if LiLi is Mike’s Bitch, Dee’s Bitch, Everybody’s Bitch,…or NOBODY’S BITCH!

I opt for the latter, because I am all bitched out.

Friends with Benefits: A Novella

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51D2DjOADCL._AA160_Grayson Broche led a simple life and was a man of refined taste. At the end of the day, he wanted to come home to his wife, his children and his dog. Currently, he had none of those things. The closest he had come to a stable relationship was his ten-year friendship with his best friend, Charlize. 

Dr. Charlize Filleman was a busy woman with no time for men with no ambition or jokers who wanted to ride her coat-tail. Her last date was three years ago and she was fine with that! The closest thing she had to a relationship was a weekly cooking date with her best friend Grayson, whose luck with love had also run short. 

Grayson proposed a plan to add a few additions to the friendship as they worked on her new cookbook. Adding in a pinch of reasoning, a dab of logic and stirring in some spice, these two to create a great recipe for an ideal relationship. 

And that is why Grayson Broche proposed they become friends with benefits.

Available in paperback and ebook.  Get it on Amazon.