On the Bookshelf: A Kingpin’s Obsession

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Ajoni Mitchell is half German, half African-American, and all hood. What she wants to be is successful, and have at least one parent that isn’t on drugs. To do that, she will have to leave the crime-ridden and dope-infested Mecca, Georgia. She will do almost anything to make this happen, including joining the Blue Kings to hustle temporarily as one of their lowly street runners for cash.
Calen Kingsley, AKA King and head of the Blue Kings, is one hundred percent goon and wants something too, to be the boss of a legitimate cartel. He also wants Ajoni to sit on the second throne to his kingdom, whether she wants to or not. King has waited two years for Ajoni to grow up, and will have her at all costs on her eighteenth birthday.

Someone will have to give up their dreams, and neither one will ever be the same again when A Kingpin’s Obsession rips through everyone’s lives in Mecca that is connected to theirs, and someone else’s life that he does not know exists, yet. Then another obsession and problematic situation that could hurt everyone will be born.

A Kingpin's Obsession cover


Eight years ago, Ajoni Mitchell had no idea what she was really asking for when she approached a Kingpin about letting her join his crew the Blue Kings, which had complete control of the drug traffic in Mecca, Georgia. She just wanted a safety net for when her mother’s drug habit made them both hit rock bottom, but things went left during her initiation. Calen Kingsley, AKA King and his crew got a ten year bid for it. 

Now Ajoni has to go back to Mecca to deal with a crisis. This time she has no idea that the Blue Kings are being released early from prison one by one, or that a Kingpin’s obsession was still waiting for her.

Genre: Urban Fiction

Available on Amazon for $.99 http://amzn.to/1S5NxW7