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Entry #12:Slowly and methodically, he rose from the bed and looked at the sweat soaked sheets

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Sydney woke in a cold sweat.

Was any of this real, had it truly happened?

There was an air of uncertainty as he checked the nightstand for his glasses.  He rubbed his hands across his bald head and chuckled at the realism of having no hair.

Two days ago he had it shaved off.  The following afternoon a wispy spirit covered his scalp with something that smelled worse that pig shit forcing his hair to sprout back on his head.  Since that time, he had been chased by dark spirits, met Mephistopheles and had harsh words.  Lilith had appeared and fought with the Wispy One, who turned out to be Eve.

He had traveled through space.

He had traveled through time.

He had landed in the continuum and sat at the feet of the Great Philosopher.

He spoke with great Scribes and began his transformation.

He held her hand and had known peace.

Sydney had stood against Stoph and was not afraid.

Slowly and methodically, he rose from the bed and looked at the sweat soaked sheets. He would change those later but right now, there were words that needed to be shared.  There were words that burned his eyes that should be transformed to the pages.  He needed to get the words out of his head, so that other Readers would understand.

He moved to his laptop, powered up and changed his tee while he waited and got comfortable.  His extra glasses were in his drawer, and he set to work.

He opened Word and stared at the white screen.  There had to be a way to tell the Readers what had happened to him and he still had to write the ending.  He wasn’t sure how it ended; he would let the Readers decide.

But first he needed to know how to start this; and then the words began to flow.

Determination, Steadfastness and Resolutions

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As the hours count down to the dawning of a New Year, I am faced once more with a hard look at my habits.  I have undertaken the 90 Cashology challenge to live a cash only life. Yet, I realize that I not only need to be healthy in my pockets, I need to be healthy in my body.

I am filled with determination.

I have maintained steadfastness with my commitment to be on the mend financially.

Tonight I am honing my resolve to be healthier in 2013.

Just as my spending, I eat things I should not because of convenience.

I say no more.  Stand with me and say today we are going to be better.

I was reviewing a copy of THE JOY OF HEALTHY LIVING: The Guide To Eating Right For Life,and I was pleased to learn several things. This book speaks a great deal of foods with health-promoting phytonutrients and antioxidant power.

Plant foods contain thousands of natural chemicals. These are called phytonutrients or phytochemicals.”Phyto” refers to the Greek word for plant. These chemicals help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats.

Fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients. Other plant-based foods also contain phytonutrients, such as:

  • Whole grains
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Tea

Phytonutrients aren’t essential for keeping you alive, unlike the vitamins and minerals that plant foods contain. But when you eat or drink phytonutrients, they may help prevent disease and keep your body working properly (

I have several friends who believe and swear by the benefits of juicing. I looked into a few of these plans and Juice Plus is somewhat pricey.  I am on a restrictive financial diet, so I cannot splurge.

I went to where I can download free books.  Free books are available to for Kindle, my iPad or Nook. I located Sexy Superfoods – Top 15 Superfoods to Boost your Body, Brains & Beauty, this was available for $.99, which is in my budget. I also found 30×30: Winter Recipes for the Healthy Eater, which was only $2.99. There were some other ultra-healthy raw foods and vegan cookbooks, but I want to keep my resolve to do better, I know that will just make me quit.

I am extreme happy with my choices because I am also working through Commandment Number Five, know where my cash flows.  There are many options to save and be better with my money. I am also looking for ways to save and be better with my eating.

I am learning because I am steadfast in my determination to resolve my financial woes and become healthier overall.

Stop Procrastinating!

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If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude. – Maya Angelou




Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your World

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This week, I am tasked to analyze the way I think.  The ways in which I view myself, my habits and of course the way I view my money, determines my levels of financial success. Where we are and what we become depends on how we think.

Unfortunately, we are conditioned that he with all the marbles wins.  Therefore, we collect, we hoard, we store marbles.  It does not really dawn on us, how we are going to pay for all these damned pieces of round glass, but we have them and we are keeping them.  The new question becomes, are these marbles an asset or a liability?

First let’s make sure we are on the same sheet of music.  An asset increases in value. A liability decreases in value (Cashology, pg 28) and takes money out of your pocket. In this instance, that liability is a bad debt.  It’s kind of like loaning money to your third cousin.  That is a bad debt and you will never get that money back.

When you take a financial snapshot of yourself and your personal goals, are you an asset or a liability.  Again, you have been conditioned to think that more is better.  This includes a wallet full of credit cards, two car notes, a second mortgage, and debt.  Having all of these things are a liability and you, my friend are a bad debt.

These things can weigh you down and hinder how you view yourself.  If you cannot see yourself as a winner, then you become a liability to those whom share a life. A negative cash flow can also do this to the way you feel about yourself.

In order to transform your thinking, is to replace your bad habits with better practices.

Here are some steps:

1)      Always look for a positive outcome.

2)      Educate yourself on the direction you wish to head.

3)      Develop some ambition to move up a step.

4)      Plan a vision for your future.

5)      Find a way to give back.

Now you are on the right track, you are ready to transform your world.

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Entry #11: “Come.” she said. “It is time you became more than you are.”

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67094_111815065653204_1298985819_nAnderson Sydney Sydney Akins, Reader, he who had begun his day without the slightest idea as to how it would end, or as to what purpose it had begun, let go of self, and became a Scribe.

The transmutation overcame him with ease. In the breath of a second, there was vertigo, the sensation of falling, and then nothing but light.

All was color, a brilliant spectrum of heliograph waves which originated from nowhere and everywhere. Nothing seemed to hold substance or form, just a vast neon empyrean; all-pervading, transcendental warmth. There he was weightless, bodiless, a being of pure poetic energy. The warmth of his surroundings cradled him, and he was content to remain in that divine tabula rasa.
Perhaps this was death. The thought came and went fleetingly enough. Somehow Stoph had managed to kill him. Sydney did not care; he was content to lie adrift for eternity, and beyond. He thought of the Writer, Lilith had called her Eve, he felt bad about leaving her, but his will was no match for the ebb and flow of this primordial realm.

It was at this point that he saw her. She was neither beautiful nor ugly, nor was she plain. Her features forever shifted, giving the impression that, like the Writer, the visage of a woman simply veiled a nominal entity beyond physical comprehension. An aura of wisdom and reverence permeated her form, as well as power and mystery. With sudden certainty, he knew that she came bearing revelations.

The Great Philosopher.

She floated towards him, dressed in a long white gown, arms hugging her breast, eyes closed. The gown was elegant gossamer that fluttered delicately as she approached. When before him, her arms parted in a gesture of embrace. Sydney moved closer, propelled by some enigmatic desire. And then, just before reaching the featureless being; el mulier de aeterna verba, the forerunner of every Scrivener, her eyes opened.

Two golden orbs that burned forth across time and space. Mesmerizing spheres of fiery electrum that reflected the brilliance of a million suns. He searched her eyes for an answer, and reeled at what he found there. He tried to look away, overcome by what he saw, but the insights reflected in those gilded pools drew him deeper. Sydney opened his mouth to gasp or cry or scream.

The universe shattered, and for the second time, he let go.

The ocean was a sapphire expanse, shimmering in the midday sun. Waves crashed onto the water etched rocks below, spewing salty foam as seagulls flew lazy circles on the horizon. All the while, Sydney watched from a bench. A soft breeze spirited pass, causing the high grass and wildflowers to dance at his feet. This was a tranquil place . . . yet he had not been summoned here to rest.

“What do you think?” a familiar voice asked.

Already knowing what to expect, Sydney turned.

The Great One sat beside him on the gray stone bench. She studied him with a face he had seen only once and very briefly, but knew with intimacy. She wore the shape of Eve.

In the white gown, her body had a sensuous quality that he, knowing who this was (and was not) became aware of with an accompanying sense of shame. She was of medium height, lithesome in some places, yet provocatively curved without effort. Her complexion was the color of warm tea and cinnamon. Dark hair fell in strands of gossamer braids.

The face of Eve was sharply defined and intelligent; full lips set in a statuesque expression, and intense eyes, which as a dead giving away, were not hazel but pupil less golden orbs.

Apart from the eyes, they looked exactly alike. Yet accompanying the doppelganger was an aura of energy which seemed to ripple of her in tangible waves. Sydney would never mistake the two.

“What is happening?” Sydney asked.

A butterfly fluttered past, a living kite of pink and yellow. He had never seen one such as it.

“That is an all-encompassing question.” The Great One said. Her voice, though bearing the same smoky timbre as Eve’s, possessed an echoing resonance, as if the being speaking was too much for one octave. “What do you really want to know?”

Without forethought, he asked, “Where is Eve?”

“She is fine for now. Our talk takes place outside the flow of time. It requires much energy, but I thought the endeavor worth it. So do not fear for your Writer, soon you will have your chance to aid her. Next question.”

“Why am I here?”
The Great One gave a musical chuckled, shook her head, and then replied, “Why anyone is anywhere is a question to be answered only in death. Yet that is always the first question that all races ask once they reach a state of sentience. We all have a purpose, and a choice, but ‘why’ you ask. It is simply your path, you can walk it, or you can avoid it, but the way is for you and you only. Next question.”

“What do you want from me?” He asked.

The Great One gave a faint smiled. It was a thing of ageless secrets.

“Right now, I want you to exorcise Stoph.” She said resolutely. He did not speak at once, but looked to the waves for guidance. He could feel the Great One scrutinizing his thoughts, testing his reaction to the request.

“Why?” he finally asked

“Why? What say you Sydney?” she responded.

“Because he is a being of destruction, and so it is only fitting that he is destroyed.”

“No, that is not it.” She said shaking her head. “Say the real reason. You have had time with Eve. Now say the real reason.”

Sydney wet his lips and considered all that the Writer had told him. “He is a threat to us all, to what we love, to what we cherish.”

“Better, not quiet the whole truth, whether you realize it or not, but better.” She looked away, distracted by something neither seen nor heard. “In a timeless realm time is still short, your answer will have to do.”

Before he could ask what she meant the Great One stood and offered her hand.

“Come.” she said. “It is time you became more than you are.”

Another round of cool breeze flitted past, teasing the hem of her gown and playing at the end of each braid. Sydney stood. There was so much left to be asked, but intuition told him that answers would come in time. For now he had to help Eve. And that meant becoming more than he was. He looked once more into The Great Philosophers’ scorching eyes, in them he saw forever. With a frisson of determination, he took her hand.

For the third and final time, Sydney let go.


Thinking Rich

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I was watching Headline News and it is reported that the second question on a first date is, “what is your credit score?”

Who would have thought in such a time of loose morals, disease, and sexting, that the criteria for a solid relationship would be based upon your ability to manage your money?  As I continue through my 90 day challenge, I am forced t ask myself some hard questions about my ability to manage my own money.  It can stand to reason that if one is careless with their finances, then one is irresponsible, which can make you financially unattractive. In order to do so, I need to learn to think rich.

Based on the science of How to Live a Cash Only Life, the first cause of financial failure, is a lack of financial education.  Our mindsets about money are learned. Our “thoughts, beliefs, and feelings determine our money experience,” (page 8, Cashology). You cannot expect to be better with money if you don’t understand how it works. It is also logical to conclude that we avoid what we do not understand. You are not thinking rich, you are thinking poor.

I am a firm believer that when we want something bad enough, we find a way.  If there is a concert you want to attend in another city, three months from today, the money is saved.  The same principle can be applied if you want to be financially stable; you have to bring your money into your storehouse.  This is also Commandment Number III of the Ten Commandments of money.

You often hear that understanding money or how to save, can be mentally overwhelming, especially when there are so many needs and wants in our daily lives.  For many, even the simplicity of saving 20% of you income can be confusing.  I have made it easy for you to understand.

The top numbers in yellow are a rough two-week take home pay.  If you make $1,000 every two weeks, and you save 20% of what you make, then you will save $400 per month. That $400 per month will equal $4,800 per year and over a five-year period will total $24,000!  This does not include any interest added by the banks. Now, we are starting t think richly.


Making yourself financially more attractive is simple once you understand how.  To get started you have to make a plan, save and stick to it. You must condition your mind for financial success.  You need a healthy bank account.  I have two.  One is a separate savings account in a different bank and the other is  a working account which takes care of household needs.

Journal Entry #7: What I learned about money today:

I learned that saving money can be a game.  The winner gets to have long financial health.  I plan to be financially healthy by saving.  I am heading for a healthy storehouse.

Entry #10: The Reader took on a fighting stance ready to challenge the Devil himself and Stoph pounced but was hindered in midair….

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377483_315727045104535_173791440_nAuusta Writers: Lilith charged at her with a fierceness that almost made her blood run cold; her hatred had not changed much over the past few millennia.  Teeth bared, fist clutched, she charged at the Writer screaming her name, “Eve, today you will die!”  The Writer jumped back avoiding the charge and smiling at the Succubus.

Is eram non dignitas is, Lilitu!” she smiled knowing this would incite Lilith to an irrational fury, the Writer laid it on thicker, “Is eram non valde intelligent!”

Lilith screamed at her now bearing claws, fangs and a tail that had a spike.  The Writer laughed, “just as I have always said Lilith, you do have a rather large ass!”

The battle between the two had quietly raged on for eons. Although if one followed the Gilgamesh Chronicles, it is believed that Lilith’s relationship with her first husband ended over a dispute over sexual positions, the Writer knew it to be false. The relationship between Lilith’s first husband ended because of the sheer possibility of the existence of her. Created from idealism, or a rib of chance, she was brought forth into the world as a help mate; to populate a world that was once dark.

Lilith’s purpose was unclear. While the lilim that were bore from the Succubus infiltrated the world of man with stories of demons that came at night to feed on the blood and passions of men. Senoy, Sensenoy, and Semangelof were angelic in their mercies to spare those children from the demons. Since the time of her reign, lesser known scribes have kept her legend alive by writing of her escapades in graphic novels filled with Midnight Sons.

The Writer’s legend was known to all. She was the mother of Pure Thought. Although Lilith’s children had not survived, Cain, Abel and Seth had grown to adult hood.  Scriveners had written that Cain was visited by Lilith in the dead of night which drove him mad with envy over his brother’s prosperity. The Writer knew this was vengeance and this is the day she would have her own. Taunting Lilith by reminding her, Adam was a Philistine and not very intelligent only angered her more. It rubbed Lilith raw in the thoughts of Eve forcing Adam from his rightful home into a life of servitude among the masses. Her man was almost a God until he was ribbed by this woman who had him ousted from Eden and forced into a life of goat herder.

Mephistopheles knew their history and was waiting for the two old enemies to destroy each other so he would have a clear play for the Reader.

The Reader took on a fighting stance ready to challenge the Devil himself and Stoph pounced but was hindered in midair.

A bookworm in Oklahoma had hit pause on their iPad.

The Reader was able to move out of the way.

In Poughkeepsie, on an almost dead Kindle Fire, Joshua, a young booklover turned the page and Stoph landed on empty ground.

The imagination of 30 year old Bibliophile in Khuala Lampur, gifted Sydney with martial arts skills unrivaled by most Kung Fu masters. The Reader spun, kicked high in the air, making contact with a shocked Mephistopheles, who landed with a thud on his back.

“I am not the weakling you assume me to be Stoph,” the Reader told him, only smiling when he added his final words before delivering a near fatal blow, “there are millions of Readers who keep me strong!”

Stoph realized quickly his window of opportunity was closing.  The Reader was transcending into a Scribe.