Entry #12:Slowly and methodically, he rose from the bed and looked at the sweat soaked sheets

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Sydney woke in a cold sweat.

Was any of this real, had it truly happened?

There was an air of uncertainty as he checked the nightstand for his glasses.  He rubbed his hands across his bald head and chuckled at the realism of having no hair.

Two days ago he had it shaved off.  The following afternoon a wispy spirit covered his scalp with something that smelled worse that pig shit forcing his hair to sprout back on his head.  Since that time, he had been chased by dark spirits, met Mephistopheles and had harsh words.  Lilith had appeared and fought with the Wispy One, who turned out to be Eve.

He had traveled through space.

He had traveled through time.

He had landed in the continuum and sat at the feet of the Great Philosopher.

He spoke with great Scribes and began his transformation.

He held her hand and had known peace.

Sydney had stood against Stoph and was not afraid.

Slowly and methodically, he rose from the bed and looked at the sweat soaked sheets. He would change those later but right now, there were words that needed to be shared.  There were words that burned his eyes that should be transformed to the pages.  He needed to get the words out of his head, so that other Readers would understand.

He moved to his laptop, powered up and changed his tee while he waited and got comfortable.  His extra glasses were in his drawer, and he set to work.

He opened Word and stared at the white screen.  There had to be a way to tell the Readers what had happened to him and he still had to write the ending.  He wasn’t sure how it ended; he would let the Readers decide.

But first he needed to know how to start this; and then the words began to flow.