Month: April 2015

Nothing Like a Vacation to Clear the Mind

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I don’t know about, you, but I feel better.11026269_10153207927929443_8405209169477693865_o Hubby and I with Miami as a backdrop.11051940_10153207928834443_5676241036603524465_o

Hanging out in Curacao.11080760_10153207927684443_6872226380873874497_o

Okay, so I have a thing for scarves.11094762_10153207928184443_7923394803619330774_o

Well, guess where I am?11096410_10153208135424443_5851384910257510047_oWatching the sunrise over Aruba.  Later that day we did some snorkeling.

Now, you feel better too.  Up next, some really good food.

Making Facebook Work for you as an Author

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Here are the top Ten promotional groups on Facebook. 

Top 10 Book Promotion Facebook groups

 1. Books, Books & more Books (28000+ Members)
 2. BOOK REVIEW & PROMOTION (27000+ Members)
 3. Authors (22000+ Members)
 4. Book Lovers (20000+ Members)
 5. Aspiring Authors (20000+ Members)
 6. Writers and Readers Unite (19000+ Members)
 7. Writers who believe in supporting (18000+ Members)
 8. Authors & Book lovers (18000+ Members)
 9. BOOK PLACE (17000+ Members)
10. Books gone viral (16000+ Members)

I am Headed to Cincinatti

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I will NOT be at the Lori Foster Author Reader Event on June 4-7 in Cincinnati. I have had a scheduling conflict.


I am signing books on that Friday from 3:00 -5:00 pm at the Marriott, West Chester.  I am hoping (finger and eyes crossed) that Agent Roget will make a cameo appearance.  

Click on the link to the left to find out more, or hit their FB page; it is easier to navigate than that busy site.

Do you have the most powerful card in the world?

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I am talking about your library card.  A great number of readers still check out books from the local library.

With your library card you can download and read magazines on Zinio and even download audio books on Overdrive.  This Summer, you can keep the kids busy with Tumblebooks.

All FREE with a local library card.