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Give Me A Break

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    I am so tense and tight that I feel at any moment I am about to break loose and hurt a body. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not angry, I am just tired and in need of a respite. I reached the limit of my tolerance for bullpuckey about two weeks ago.

    As an educator of adults, you are sometimes torn between the adult who feels they are too old to learn or the youngster with way too much feeling and is scared to learn. All of it is trying on a nerve. A nerve that is hurting. If you factor in days when Uncle Osteo Arthritis wants to be uncooperative, then you have an unhappy camper. However, let us back up for a minute.

    We can begin with Hoodie-Thon. Yes, this is one subject that I will barely touch other than to point out a few obvious things. The first obvious thing is that we are so desperate for something to believe in, that we find ourselves championing something that yes, is controversial, but will not change our lives. If changing your Facebook status to a picture of you in a hood is your idea of activism, then it is time to reevaluate your standing. Second, using your celebrity to Tweet a location for the gathering of a lynch mob is stupid. And last, we are paying four dollars per gallon of gas, our children are eating crap, the food manufacturers are feeding us “pink slime” in our beef and you are wearing a hoodie to show solidarity. Give me a break and he (guy in photo) is a vegetarian, but I’d bet he has days when he wants to hurt a burger and provide a news report on how good it is.

    Let’s move on to our twenty four hour news networks. I tuned in and the same stories are run hour after hour with the same catch phrases. There are seven continents and one is melting, I would rather see the coverage of the ice melting than your news. Even Jon Stewart, with his fake news is more informative than what Fox News is reporting. Please don’t make me hurt you. Give me a break.

    Last, but not least on my list of people who require hurting are IT Techs. These people should not be allowed to breed! No, it is not harsh; let’s think about the last conversation you had with your company’s “IT person?” In order to start the conversation you first may want to find a different entrance into their office because the main door has been outstretched by their giganimous heads. Next, please bring spray for your walkway in order to kill the aroma of their God-like egos before you stand in their presence. Excuse me, did I say stand? Allow me to rephrase, you may want to genuflect in order to even have them hear you because they will answer your question with all the reasons why they can’t help you, the forms you need to fill out, and reminding you to open a ticket. With the pleasantries out of the way, you will be forced to listen to all of the other things that are far more important than you. Here’s list of toilets they would rather clean with their personal toothbrush than to help you with your crummy little issue. Be Gone UnTechnical Peasant idiot and stop pressing control, alt, delete. Give me a Break. I’m crushing your head. I’m crushing your head.

    Next, I am going to crush my own head with a Xanax and glass of wine. I will make the loud noises stop.

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1. Weeds. I was going to say more about that but I think its pretty much wrapped up in the one word.

2. When little sticks and leaves fall down the gap in the back of your pants and gather in your undies. Please tell me that this happens to other people too…

3. Roundup weed killer on the sole of your gumboot. You’ll only discover this in a few days time when you’re wondering how the lawn got that weird pattern of dead spots.

4. When your gloves start to feel wet on the inside. Usually after some enthusiastic hose use. It just feels yucky, ok?

5. When you pull out a ‘weed’ only to discover that it was a keeper and you desperately shove it back in the ground, only to find it a few days later all limp and browning, making you suffer its slow death as…

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Angry Facebook Postings

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Last week, in one of the many groups I will swing by and make random comments, a statement was posted about writers block.

Use Image Searches Like a Thesaurus to Overcome Your Creative Blocks Creative blocks are extremely frustrating. They come when you’re excited to produce something awesome but can’t manage to find the necessary inspiration to do so.

In my, evidently incorrect posting, I stated that I did not believe in writer’s block. I said that writer’s block was a term created by people who had run out of things to say and that when a writer, pens themselves into a corner, in frustration, they say it is writer’s block. I further went on to add, that if the writer reevaluates where they are and what they are attempting to say, you can write your way into a good story.

    Simply stated I thought. Again, I was wrong. Some random lady, felt she needed to correct me with a statement that says my statement was rather opinionated.

Lauren StarrI don’t agree with that Cheryl, strongly so, some may have no issues of writer’s block – but that doesn’t mean others don’t have that problem. With the amount of books written on the subject I’m afraid that you are in the minority. I’ve also had an author state that “there are no characters writing the story, it’s just the author’s imagination…” Frankly, I’ve spoken to many authors & writers that claim that they have characters that they argue with, that some try to change the storyline & that there is a large number that feel that way. So just because one person or a few believe something, that doesn’t mean it is true for the majority. I found your statement that having a writing block is equivalent to not having anything to say is rather harsh and short sighted. It’s also rather hurtful to those that may be going through it. Often I get a type of writer’s block – not from a lack of ideas or having nothing to say, but from the sheer amount that wants to rush forth. I don’t know where to start or which story to tell. That can cause a bit of a dam when it comes time to actually write. The words are there, it’s just drawing out the first sentence so that things will start to flow. I’ve known well known authors that have different kinds of writer’s block – so your statement is rather opinionated, as well as negative in its presentation towards those that are dealing with the condition themselves. Criticism is good as long as it is helpful and not harmful.

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I know right! I was amused initially and so I thought I would send back a smart ass comment to counteract the negativity, provide my background and shed some light as to why I wrote what I did. I even thanked her for the Republican response. It appears that someone else also agreed with her and liked the comment. She evidently did not like mine, because this is what she wrote back.

Lauren StarrNice of you to assume I’m acting like a Republican. I’m not one. I’ve also been a teacher, though that was many years ago. Being a teacher, even of english is no guarantee to being a good writer. Or even of teaching others to be good writers. But no one says it better than James N. Frey in his book, “Write a Damn Good Novel”. His opinion on teachers and writing is priceless, since he used to be a professor himself. You should check it out if you haven’t yet. I also do not know why you seek to prove your view as superior as you did. As Mr. Frey stated in his insightful book, “there are many ways to write.” I agree that there is no one-size-fits-all ideal or the profession would not be such a coveted position. I’m sure you’re proud of your recognition, local fame and achievements. That’s fine, though I see no reason to fan them out as a peacock tail. Since I don’t know you, I find it a bit arrogant. But then that’s my opinion, my viewpoint. Everyone has one, like them or not. But it is far more telling of one’s character by seeing how they react to the views of others, than in the words they use to seek to clarify their own views. Why does one seek to prove their own opinion is better or more valid than another’s opinion. What is there to gain? Personally, when it came to criticism, more often, I’ve found a child’s feedback much more interesting, honest and useful. It’s also much more welcome, than the same from those that claim to be “experts”. As they are experts of their opinion and point of view. No more or less than anyone else. Frankly, I’d no idea why you’d bet your PhD – In our present economy, it’s worth is somewhat questionable. When even doctors and lawyers are unable to become employed, I don’t see the point. Nor do I see the relivancy in making the bet. Sorry to step on your toes, but if you don’t like my opinion that’s fine. But don’t wave your resume at me to prove your opinion has more worth. It doesn’t.

March 11 at 11:20pm · Unlike Like · 3

I was doubly a smart ass, because I was one of the three people that liked her comment. Then I posted in the group this really neat photo. I am still laughing too. I am creating a blog post dedicated to her effrontery. I am going to link it to her blog, because I am a teacher. In this economy, I even have a job.

Here’s the rub my friends. If you are going to pick a fight on Facebook with a person, at least know who you are fighting. I came up through corporate in the 1980s. I only know one way to fight; that is dirty and to take you out. Since you posted your comment in a public group and a public forum, I can repost it. I am coming for you sweetheart. I am going to explain to you relevancy, although you misspelled it, and I am going to bet my PhD, that your silly ass won’t do this again.

Five Shows You Should Be Watching

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    It is easy to sit back and make a list of shows on the tube that inspire no brain activity. The sitcoms are filled with situations that are less than comedic. The dramas are less than dramatic with over acting and well situations that are in fact comedic; even though it is not their intent. Yet, I do not despair between the reality show brouhahas and poorly written trash the fill the in between spaces, because there are five great shows you should know about.

5. Southland, TNT, Tuesday Nights, 9 pm Eastern

    A tough gritty cop drama set in Los Angeles with Regina King in one of the leading roles. The cast is rounded out with Lucy Lui, C. Thomas Howell and a few others that make this show really good. The writing is tight. The acting is strong. The characters are very likable, unlikable and realistic. Street cops that pull over jerks for eating behind the wheel and throwing the banana peel in the street. “An Asshole with a small carbon footprint is still an asshole.” Check it out. You will enjoy.

4. Grimm, NBC, Friday Nights

The fairy tales are out of the book and off of the hook. It is fascinating to watch because you find yourself trying to remember the Grimm Fairy Tales and the obvious ones like Goldilocks & the Three Bears, the Pied Piper and Red Riding Hood. The good guys, the bad guys and Daemonfeuer. There are a great number of German names used in the story which makes the viewer feel as if you are a part of something special.
You too can feel special by just enjoying the gruesome ride.

3. Person of Interest, CBS, Thursday Nights

At some point, we are all concerned with our number coming up. Well here is a show that has a hero that is trying to save you when your number does come up. It is a clever concept, a cool character and an interesting supporting actor who used to be that creepy dude on Lost. It really helps to have Taraji P. Henson and Jim Caveziel playing lead. These unlikely heroes are out to help New Yorkers that the system notifies as being in imminent danger. The major flaw in this plot is that they only save people in New York. What if my number comes up in Georgia? Jim are you coming to save me? The show is well-acted, with good scripts, wonderful lines all leading to the overwhelming question, who are we and where do we belong?

2. Touch, Fox, Wednesday Nights

Keifer Sutherland is back with something new and equally intelligent. This is the perfect show for a Hollywood royal. A cute kid that has found the links in the Fibonacci Sequence and is somehow trying to communicate with his dad. Yes, just like 24, Fox is hitting a big fat home run with clever plots, a cute black chick and a heavy weight like Danny Glover. There are worldwide links to a singer in Ireland. There are courtesans in Japan and somehow or other, they are all linked. This kid can see the whole world. It is riveting, it is intense and I am hooked. Okay people. It has Keifer Sutherland and Danny Glover. It is a cause for celebration.


1.Breakout Kings, A & E, Sundays

Cops and robbers, bad guys who are good guys, good guys turned bad guys seeking redemption, and a group of cons who are trying to get a break. This show has everything, a pretty girl, a smart aleck, a functioning savant, and a cat too cool for school. The writing is witty, the show is sharp and the characters are on point. It is rip roaring romp from start to finish and it is a very thin line between what makes us the good guy, and who the bad guy is really.

Check back in with me next week after you have watched one or three. I can’t wait to hear your feedback.