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The Free-Marketing Gravy Train Is Over on Facebook

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Didn’t take them long

Game of Thrones…I am ready, are you?

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I am reblogging this post from the GRU Bellringer.  It has a really cool quote from me and the local Game of Thrones discussion group. I am ready for tonight’s season premier of the Game of Thrones.


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A Lannister always pays his debts.

At the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library, fanatics of the HBO television series “Game of Thrones” gathered to re-experience the bloodcurdling episode “The Rains of Castamere” and discuss the fantasy series.

Rosalyn Holliday, of Augusta, said she has read all of the books as well as watching the series, and her favorite aspect of the experience is developing a close bond with all of the many characters in the show, even when author and series creator George R.R. Martin kills off some favorites.

“Every time you think they have killed off main characters, a whole set of them pop up that you absolutely fall in love with, and you really get connected to them,” she said. “You almost feel as if you are mourning someone from your family.”

The moderator for the event and historian at Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History, Corey Rogers, said he found out about the show through a friend and was hooked after viewing the first episode.

Rogers and library assistant Aspasia Luster said they came together and created the discussion last June to meet other Augustans who like “Game of Thrones” and converse about the latest happenings in the world of Westeros.

This time around, they decided to add a screening of an episode to the discussion to give audience members a frame of reference to get the conversation going, and a modest crowd of fans chimed in on topics from favorite characters to those they love to hate the most.

One character who is almost universally hated in the Seven Kingdoms is Joffrey Baratheon, currently sitting as king on the Iron Throne. But, audience member Cheryl Corbin said she actually has a soft spot for Joffrey.

“Joffrey is essential for conflict in the story because whenever you have a good guy, you’ve got to have a bad guy, and he’s a great bad guy,” she said. “He’s kind of drunk on power, but he doesn’t really have any, and he doesn’t know it. And he has this perceived notion that ‘I’m the king.’”

Audience members went back and forth debating each character’s worth in the show, defending their favorite character’s behaviors and ripping into the ones they hate.

During the episode “The Rains of Castamare,” a pivotal moment occurred at the end that shaped the entire season and left its audience in an emotional stupor.

“Well, I knew it was going to happen because I had read book three before I saw season three, so I knew it was going to happen,” Luster said of the moment that sent shock waves through the Game of Thrones fan base. “I think that was the most shocking part of all, even though I was prepared for it. I couldn’t believe (the author) did that.”

With the new season premiering April 6, Holliday gave a hint of what she’s looking forward to.

“Joffrey. That’s all I’m saying!”

Finally, a Reason to Love Thursdays

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Jesse Orison knew he was on borrowed time, but he had a plan. Savannah was set to marry another guy in year. Experience had taught him that a man could make a lot of things happen in 12 months.

His first priority starting next week, was to make her fall in love with him.

He would begin his methodical plan by paying her a visit on Thursday.

Savannah Niden had everything a girl could want, a nice condo, a great job and a fiancé. The only problem was the maintenance man, Jesse.

Jesse started coming over on Thursdays and he liked to stay all night.

Savannah’s primary problem, she was learning to love Thursdays and Jesse a whole lot.

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