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66 Dance Moves Set to Uptown Funk

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I love movies.  I love the intricacies, the formality, but it is the editing which makes the movies great.  Some genius decided to pull dance scenes from the Golden Age of Hollywood.  We have everything from Fred Astair in Top Hat, to Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain, and the number one dance scene of all time featuring the Nicholas Brothers in Jump & Jive.  This is simply downright awesome.


Big Foot’s Side Piece: Book Review

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It's a real short story.
It’s a real short story.


I stopped and went back to read the book description.

“In Book 1, Candace has moved to a secluded house in the ‘hollers’ of Kentucky after a disfiguring accident. She is snatched by a Big Foot creature who takes her back to his cave home for a day of some of the most mind blowing sex that Candace had ever experienced. 

Now in Book 2, Candace discovers that she is not the only female vying for ‘Big’s’ attention. A female Big Foot creature has discovered that Big has marked the little human as his and a battle ensues. Candace must decide if she is willing to do what it takes to keep her Beast …

WARNING: This short story is intended for adult readers only. It is a series and should be read in order. Graphic content includes monster fantasy sex and adult language.”

I don’t care how far you live in the back woods of any state, if you are horny enough to have sex with a funky ass Big Foot, then you have more issues that just your scared face.

I actually read this whole thing.  part of it I read aloud to my husband.

I couldn’t get through it because the facial expressions he was giving me back was just too much for me to take.

I will admit, it is a hot little read when you get into the descriptions of the acts.  However, when you really think about the description of the acts is more like EEEEWWW.  She is having sex with a Big Foot with a two foot Big Foot!

Two feet.

A two foot penis.

Who in their right mind would even try to take all of that in?  By Candace’s description, she figured if a human body could deliver a baby from a missionary position, then she should be able to take in all of her big, musky, love man’s Big Foot meat.  I know.  I am choking on it too.  As well as Candace in this story.  I really hate that the scene when Big’s girlfriend showed up to whip Candace’s ass for making love to her man, was muddled and rushed.  I was also unclear about the cave scene with Big’s mother. I know they packed her puss, but  I think Big Foot ripped up her cooter. 

It is so absurd, yet hot, it is worth a read.  Find this crazy jewel on Amazon.  Click here for your copy.

11201815_1050816524936198_2590327622196775470_nI give this book 4 Ewwwww, WTF’s!

Gods of Egypt is Black A Lacking

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The lack of diversity in casting in Hollywood is coming under some closer scrutiny as of late.  The latest Hollywood blockbuster to roll under the bus is Lionsgate’s big budget release of Gods of Egypt featuring Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Brenton Thwaites.  Yeah, each of the wonderful actors are Caucasian. The problem is, the majority of residents of Egypt are not.  Hell it is set in Africa and should have at least two black people in the leading roles, but alas it is black a lacking.

Let the blacklash begin.

Yeah, the blacklash is so big, even Bette Middler got in on it.bette

This bums me out because it looks like it is going to be a great movie, but now I have to protest that shit. On principle.

Look at this.  This looks awesome.  I think I will protest by getting at Red Box instead going to the movies. It’s my logic but it works.

Lionsgate did issue a statement on Friday, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, addressing the casting decisions.

Lionsgate: We recognize that it is our responsibility to help ensure that casting decisions reflect the diversity and culture of the time periods portrayed. In this instance we failed to live up to our own standards of sensitivity and diversity, for which we sincerely apologize. Lionsgate is deeply committed to making films that reflect the diversity of our audiences. We have, can and will continue to do better.​​

Proyas: The process of casting a movie has many complicated variables, but it is clear that our casting choices should have been more diverse. I sincerely apologize to those who are offended by the decisions we made.

Yeah, that is going to work.  Getting in bus, starting engine….

The Perfect Gift for the Pricks in Your Life

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gummy_penis_300_1024x1024Yes, you can now send that irritating person in your life a little memento about how you truly feel about having them in your space. The best part is, you can send your frenemy an anonymous bag of dicks for a Christmas present.

You have to admit it is funny as hell. Especially if you work with someone that is always acting like a dick.

It is immature, in bad tastes, but I would not stop laughing for a week.  A note from the website:

inventory3_largeThis bag of gummy penises is a great way to tell your friends, family, loved ones, or enemies to ‘EAT A BAG OF DICKS’. Sent anonymously with a stock message, this product will get your point across in a way that nobody will mistake. 

A tasty gift? or just an funny reminder that someone should stuff it; leave the recipient guessing. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you put the recipients name and address in the shipping option. Otherwise it’s you that ends up with the bag of dicks, albeit deservedly.

You can order the perfect gift for only $15.00.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Nails It!

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If you didn’t already love this guy.

We have watched him grow up before our eyes from Angels in the Outfield to Third Rock from the Sun, he only gets better.

He takes method acting to the next level on Lip Sync Battle where he channels Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation and he nails it!.