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What I am Reading: Fat Vampire

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Death Has a Whole New Appetite.
Fat Vampire by [Truant, Johnny B.]

When overweight treadmill salesman Reginald Baskin finally meets a co-worker who doesn’t make fun of him, it’s just his own bad luck that tech guy Maurice turns out to be a two thousand-year-old vampire.

And when Maurice turns Reginald to save his life, it’s just Reginald’s further bad luck that he wakes to discover he’s become the slowest, weakest, most out-of-shape vampire ever created … doomed to “heal” to his corpulent self for all of eternity.

But as Reginald struggles with the downsides of being a fat vampire (too slow to catch people to feed on, mocked by those he tries to glamour, assaulted by his intended prey and left for undead), he discovers rare powers in himself that few vampires have … and just in time, because the Vampire Council wants him destroyed as an inferior representative of their race.

Fat Vampire is the story of an unlikely hero who, after having an imperfect eternity shoved into his grease-stained hands, must learn to turn the afterlife’s lemons into tasty lemon danishes.

Okay, so I am reading this book and I’m thinking, no way, a fat vampire?  Then I think of Jessica in True Blood who was the virgin. Each time she fed, she healed which made her a virgin all over again.  Which brings me to this book.

He is a hearty sized fella which means that every time he feeds and heals, he comes back to his heavy self.

It’s not bad reading.


The first book in there series is only $.99 which isn’t bad for a book of this size.

Get it here on Amazon.


What I am Reading: Eleven by Carolyn Arnold & Relax & Let Go

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Eleven on Kindle

Eleven Rooms. Ten Bodies. One Empty Grave.

When Brandon Fisher joined the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit, he knew he’d come up against psychopaths, sociopaths, pathological liars, and more. But when his first case takes him and the team to Salt Lick, Kentucky, to hunt down a ritualistic serial killer, he learns what nightmares are truly made of.

Beneath a residential property, local law enforcement discovered an underground bunker with circular graves that house the remains of ten victims. But that’s not all: there’s an empty eleventh grave, just waiting for a corpse. The killing clearly hasn’t come to an end yet, and with the property owner already behind bars, Brandon is certain there’s an apprentice who roams free.

As the FBI follows the evidence across the United States, Brandon starts to struggle with the deranged nature of his job description. And if the case itself isn’t going to be enough to push Brandon over the edge, he’s working in the shadow of Supervisory Special Agent Jack Harper, who expects nothing short of perfection from his team. To make matters even worse, it seems Brandon has become the target of a psychotic serial killer who wants to make him—or his wife—victim number eleven.

This book is Free Today.  Get it Here

Also in my Kindle this month is Relax and Let Go.

This Book Will Help You To:

Relax, Release, Let Go on Kindle

  • Experience peace in situations that used to be filled with anxiety and stress

Embrace uncertainty instead of searching for perfect solutions

Focus on new opportunities—not on your fear of failure

Identify productive and unproductive worry

Lose the sense of lack in your life, and live with a sense of a completeness


  • Little known secrets to reduce your stress that most experts don’t know

As well as:

  • Experience the freedom to act how you feel without worrying about others’ opinions
  • Put an end to your feelings of unworthiness and insecurity
  • Enjoy less arguments and jealousy in your relationships with others
  • Live in the moment or live the power of now
  • Experience the fulfillment you have been searching for.

Get the book here.

.Share with us your thoughts on this FBI Thriller or the Self-Help Book.

Interview with the Reader #1

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Celeste Williams

celesteFavorite Read: The Bible

What role did books play in your early life?

In my early life, books, like Sweet Valley High, or Goose Bumps were key. As these books allowed me and my peers to have discussions.

Do you think that networking with other readers is also important?

I believe networking with other authors is important, because as a reader, an endorsement from my favorite authors have allowed me to give newer to me authors a chance.

How important is a book’s cover to overall marketing of a book?

I majored in marketing, therefore, for product placement and distribution it is important, as it draws readers. It also lets you develop your first thoughts of what you believe the book would be about.

If you had a chance to address a room full of authors, what would you want them to know?

I would want them to know that I appreciate their creativity and that it is important to stay true to their voice. They do not have to write in every genre, but if they are going to stretch themselves into different genres, to research and ensure the formula works.

Why do you read?

I read as a creative outlet. It gives me a way in which to visualize and conceptualized characters. I often compartmentalized books where I say, this one is made for television, and this book would work best on the big screen.

About Celeste:

Bio (brief): Native Chicagoan, currently living outside of Austin, TX. I am the daughter of Irene & Joseph. I am the sister to 10 siblings (6 brothers/4 sisters). Host of nieces/nephews (last count 30), and the godmother to 1. I am an avid reader. Growing up, when I read, I would always start from the back, and if the ending did not work I would not read the book. It was my Sorority Sister Karen Fletcher, who convinced me to start reading books from the beginning, when she gave me Francis Ray’s “Somebody’s Knocking on My Door” in 2008. It was then, where I decided since I was going to read for pleasure that I needed to read the books from beginning to end.


Positive comments to Celeste:

Falling in Like with Dick

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Dick CoverA bit of tongue in cheek with a play on words in a new release From the best selling author of the Twisted Series, comes a sexy new standalone novel,  RC Stephens. It came with a warning lable. Dick is a 90,000 word full length standalone novel. No cliffhanger. Due to strong language and sexual content this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

I read the blurb….

My name is Dixon Crawford—my friends call me Dick. 
I’m rich, divorced and I have two small kids. 
When it comes to women, I like to play the field. I don’t want to ever be tied down again. 
I met Eden at a Presidential gala and, yes, I was intrigued. When school started in September I was shocked to learn Eden was my son’s kindergarten teacher… 
I’d slept around with the lonely rich mothers at the school and had earned a reputation. 
A reputation Eden knew about… 
Eden was on the untouchable list—the band on her finger screamed, “I’m taken.” But when she got into trouble with her husband she asked me for help and I obliged. 
I soon discovered that innocent Eden had secrets of her own. I also discovered she was beyond tempting. Giving her a little friendly help turns into something bigger than I ever imagined…. 
My name is Dick. I’m told I’m an asshole, but you will need to read my story and decide for yourself! 

So I did…

Interesting read.  The story is told from different points of view from the characters interweaving their back stories.  I started reading with an eye roll at the A-typical alpha male with a walking Dicks Teaser 3boner. There are no real shockers when you are introduced to Dixon, the main character who is lonely, insecure and allergic to commitment. Eden, the female lead is also lonely, broken and loveless. One thing that many readers will find troubling, if you have a moral center, is that Dixon likes sleeping with married women. Yes, Eden is in an unhappy marriage that she is lying to herself and saying she is staying because of their son.

Two characters both afraid, find shelter in each other with a happily ever after.

My first read of this author.

Dixon is a likeable character with a readable storyline.

Dick will be on sale for 99 cents for a limited time. Then it will go up to the regular price of $2.99 

Come root yourself in reading!

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We are gearing up for the 5th Annual Augusta Literary Festival.  Come root yourself in reading.

This Weekend Only! Great Read for Only $.99

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Jacquetta Mason owed him a debt; her life. Orlando Flynn wasn’t beyond calling in the marker to get what he needed from his longtime friend. He was calling in the debt and giving definition to their untitled love. This weekend only $.99!

Amazon US:





Big Foot’s Side Piece: Book Review

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It's a real short story.
It’s a real short story.


I stopped and went back to read the book description.

“In Book 1, Candace has moved to a secluded house in the ‘hollers’ of Kentucky after a disfiguring accident. She is snatched by a Big Foot creature who takes her back to his cave home for a day of some of the most mind blowing sex that Candace had ever experienced. 

Now in Book 2, Candace discovers that she is not the only female vying for ‘Big’s’ attention. A female Big Foot creature has discovered that Big has marked the little human as his and a battle ensues. Candace must decide if she is willing to do what it takes to keep her Beast …

WARNING: This short story is intended for adult readers only. It is a series and should be read in order. Graphic content includes monster fantasy sex and adult language.”

I don’t care how far you live in the back woods of any state, if you are horny enough to have sex with a funky ass Big Foot, then you have more issues that just your scared face.

I actually read this whole thing.  part of it I read aloud to my husband.

I couldn’t get through it because the facial expressions he was giving me back was just too much for me to take.

I will admit, it is a hot little read when you get into the descriptions of the acts.  However, when you really think about the description of the acts is more like EEEEWWW.  She is having sex with a Big Foot with a two foot Big Foot!

Two feet.

A two foot penis.

Who in their right mind would even try to take all of that in?  By Candace’s description, she figured if a human body could deliver a baby from a missionary position, then she should be able to take in all of her big, musky, love man’s Big Foot meat.  I know.  I am choking on it too.  As well as Candace in this story.  I really hate that the scene when Big’s girlfriend showed up to whip Candace’s ass for making love to her man, was muddled and rushed.  I was also unclear about the cave scene with Big’s mother. I know they packed her puss, but  I think Big Foot ripped up her cooter. 

It is so absurd, yet hot, it is worth a read.  Find this crazy jewel on Amazon.  Click here for your copy.

11201815_1050816524936198_2590327622196775470_nI give this book 4 Ewwwww, WTF’s!