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What I’m Watching: Ugly Delicious

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NETFLIX: Traveling the world with his friends, award-winning chef David Chang discovers exciting twists on iconic dishes and surprising links between cultures.

As a self-proclaimed Foodie, not a refined palate or anything, I just like to frickin’ eat.  I saw this Chef on the Daily Show and finally got around to watching an episode that resonated in my belly. It was Episode Five, The Fried Chicken Episode where David Change traveled the world visiting, speaking with and eating loads to fried chicken.

It’s rare that you can watch a documentary and really learn something.  Here is a quick history lesson which coincides with women’s history month.  Black women were some of the first entrepreneurs having small businesses cooking, what else chicken. The only live stock blacks or negros could own were chickens, the old yard bird.  In order to make more money for feed and seed, on Sunday’s the women sold fried chicken dinners.

Black women also worked the train stations, selling fried chicken dinners to travelers in need of a home cooked Southern meal.

Restaurants throughout the south catered to the black family who wanted a meal outside of the home after church on Sunday, which led to the Green Book: The Negro Traveler’s Guide.

Green Book for Negro TravelersSee the source image

The NegroTravelersGreenBook was a travel guide series published from 1936 to 1964 by Victor H. Green. It was intended to provide African American motorists and tourists with the information necessary to board, dine, and sightsee comfortably and safely during the era of segregation.
Stopping in the wrong place asking to use the potty often resulted in brutal beatings if not death. The Green Book also provided up to date road etiquette guides on how to travel the roads. This included not passing a white person on the road by speeding past them which was taken as an act of aggression by pulling ahead of the man.  This also could result in a beatings if not death.
A digital version is available through the University of South Carolina, which detailed on satellite the hotels and restaurants people of color could stop for a good meal, a place to sleep or event to get drinks. 


Not to digress to much, let me come back to Chef Chang.  The documentary on fried chicken covers a great deal of information, but also how well the yard bird is loved world wide.  It is pretty good show, and worth a binge watch on Netflix.

I think I enjoyed the most his recounting his first taste of Nashville Hot Chicken. Once you watch it, come back and share with me how hilarious you found his story.

Check out the new Amazon Author Central Pages at Audible (for Audio Books) + a couple of tips — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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Originally posted on chrismcmullen: AUDIBLE AUTHOR PAGES Author pages created via Amazon’s Author Central now automatically feed into (an Amazon company for audio books). You can see a screenshot of my Audible author page above. When I visit Audible’s home page, it shows me a few best sellers, but doesn’t offer any obvious…

via Check out the new Amazon Author Central Pages at Audible (for Audio Books) + a couple of tips — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Scott & Zelda are Back

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In this entry into Zelda’s dairy, Scott arrives at Zelda’s office to steal her away for a quiet weekend. However, he failed to tell her the getaway was with his family.

The laughs are plenty, the moments tender, and the love overflowing as Scott & Zelda are just steps closer to their happily ever after.

Entry 6

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