Month: July 2013

On Writing

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Several months ago, I left academia to write full time.  I like many, decided the great American novel was burgeoning inside of my soul and I needed to write it. I padded my savings, cut out the frills and reduced my weekly lunch with the girls to once a month.  I can still do the $5 special at the Mexican joint with $20 worth of margaritas to wash that salty crap down, but I had to approach my life differently. I had to think differently.  I had to choose my words differently.  In the process, I have learned a few things that I was thinking I needed to share.

1011740_607329592635009_2048939055_nThe people inside my head aren’t real people.  Although, I have created these worlds where he has the right answer to all of her questions; that thar fella is not a real boy. Therefore, I cannot marry him and have his babies. Disappointment averted, I move on to my next life nugget.

Although your friends and family can get on your nerves, if you kill them off in a story, have the decency to change their names. On the rare chance that former friend who ran off with your boyfriend, who in Chapter 3, is suffering from an unusual and painful venereal disease, just may read your novel, change the name.

It also becomes obvious when you are watching television and you see things in the story line that aren’t true, you feel it necessary to voice your opinion. Please stop.  Send a tweet to the network and move on about your life.  If you are a true advocate, GetGlue, watch the show with a million other people, and chat about the discrepancies. Now, make a note in your journal, that tidbit, will work well to help the sexy detective in love with the heroine solve the puzzle.

And last but not least, writer’s block.  If you have hit the wall, it is your brain telling you that something is illogical and it is not working.  My answer to this is Catfish the Show.  You can’t make that shit up. In every show, there is a character, crying out for help and to be loved.  One of those people should loosen the grey matter and make something flow, if not, just the ludicrousness of their thought process, should stimulate yours.

Last but not least, go with your instinct.  What you know, feel and believe is what really matters.  In the end, if you stay true to yourself, it all pans out.   I
did, and lookee here.  And yes, I am in love with that fella.


The sequel to Two Nights in Vegas is also now available.

I guess you don’t want my business?

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I recently ran across a website that I thought was pretty cool.  I was interested in buying some of the products, but I was not understanding how things were set up, and asked for clarification, stating I was willing to pay.

The first email was snarky.  Then he sent a second to apologize for being snarky, and insulted me. I responded asking for clarification before I put his services out on my networks.

This is what I got in return.