Month: February 2014

The Cost to Play

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So I have been busy writing and have not posted much. Don’t worry, I will be back with you soon.

Here is a the book trailer to my latest.

School bus driver smacks student with broom in brawl

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INDIANAPOLIS – What happened on an Indianapolis school bus is beyond disturbing, and FOX59 has the video. A bus driver smacks a child with a broom. The driver is suspended, according to the bus company. The shocking video is just part of the story.

FOX59 sat down with the child hit and her mother to get their reaction.

Autumn Bonilla, 14, said she started arguing with the bus driver, while the driver was trying to discipline another child. Bonilla said she swore at the driver, then the two went at it first verbally then physically.

Video appears to show the driver, 47-year-old Charlotte McDaniel, taking a broom to the face of the teen.

“I didn’t know what I got hit with at first,” said Bonilla.

Bonilla said she almost blacked out but stayed conscious as the driver held her down.

“She hit me in my temple with the broomstick. I…

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