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How about a Different Kind of Christmas Story?

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Last year I wrote a sweet Christmas story about a little girl who wanted a Mommy for Christmas.  I call that my nice Christmas story.

This year, I wrote a naughty one with a twist.

I played with the idea of having your dad as the Mall Santa.  A man that was so enamored with Christmas, that for 30 Days his family lost him while he spread his holiday cheer.

1513831_1562802213952699_1644492238748395924_nBut, of course, you are dealing with me and warped sense of storytelling.

Big Charlie Pines knew his days in the Santa suit was almost over. His one wish was to make his son believe in the power of Christmas before his eyes closed for the last time. With the help of his favorite elf, Patience, together, they would restore Nick’s faith.

Patience Miller wasn’t sure what Sana wanted her to do to help his son, but she often taught the children at her orphanage to always have hope. She had a plan and she hoped it would work. Only if she could get Nick to believe in the magic of Christmas.

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Have a wonderful Christmas.

Letting Your Characters Grow…The Blakemores are Back

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1505166_902433683124597_1584086339884128927_nThe Blakemore are back for a fourth installment and this time I opted to do something different with my Number #1 Best Selling series.  I slowed it down.

Ironically, the cover model got a new hairdo and I had to write it into the story.  I began to think about the series and where I wanted it to go next and how I wanted the characters to evolve.  I knew that I could not continue to have them shoot up everything with the idea of planning a family on the horizon.  How can she think about being a mother and nesting if she is still out shooting people?  So I turned around, took a seat and began to answer a great number of questions.

One of the main questions that is answered, is what is up with her mother and the towels? I had so much fun writing it, it shows through every word choice.  It also shows through the reader enjoyment of the story with all the surprises and twists. Not crazy twists or unnecessary plot shifts but subtle changes that add to the story versus detract.

Another issue that I address is continuity.  The story picks up right where Dancing with Mr. Blakemore ended. Kevin Jr was almost killed- twice. Once by being feed to giant hungry snake.  That would have an long lasting effect on anyone, and I felt I had to address it.

There are tender moments between Saxton and Odessa as they take a hard look at their marriage and life together as well as some one on one time with her parents.

The bad guys are back, both the cartel Leader, Victorio Renteria and his machete carrying cousin, Mateo.

It is a fun read and was fun to write. Here’s the link.  Happy Reading.

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