Assistive Technologies Camp 4 Kids

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Not your average Summer Camp

We believe that knowledge (and more over its application) is power. We also strongly believe that modern assistive technology empowers all people, regardless of their disability, to both access and apply knowledge to their lives and situations.

TEK Quest is an immersive, interactive environment that exposes campers to the various assistive technologies that are available today and provides education, instruction, and support in utilizing these technologies in their daily lives.

Technology Empowers Knowledge

Our goal is to have your child look back on their time at TEK Quest and see it as more than just another fond Summer Camp experience. Yes, we want them to have fun, make friends, and create memories, but more than that, we want TEK Quest to be a doorway, a launching pad, a spring board for their journey towards self-empowerment and living life more independently.

The campers will become familiar with these assistive technologies and gain confidence using them. What they learn at camp will empower them to live more independently and approach the world and their life from a new perspective.

Registration is now open. The Summer camp is Free.