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I saw A Haunted House today and literally laughed out loud.  It is silly, it is irreverent and it is hilarious.  I had no idea a grown man could find stuffed animals so enjoyable.


This movie is a spoof on all the Hollywood infatuation with the paranormal. There is plenty of supernatural activity in this movie and lots of ghostly interaction.  Including, but not limited to hot ghost on human action as well as blowing off some steam with an apparition home boy.

Add in some kookie friends who want to swing. Toss in a lustful psychic that has some issues with his own closet.  A minister that was just ordained upstate about 15-20 ago, and you have a cast of characters.

This moving is a learning experience.  I found out what a Mandingo party is.  I think I’m traumatized.

Marlon Wayans is sidesplitting.  You will enjoy the low budget movie that seems to be filmed with just one camera at one angle and one location, two if you add the pool.

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