Writing, Distractions & Crazy Muses

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Please forgive me for not posting, but I recently left my job to devote myself to writing fulltime. It is the best decision I have ever made.  However, I am finding it difficult to find a balance between being back at home and working from home.  Anyone that has worked from home understands the dilemma, you become torn between earning the money and familial duties.

It’s not like you think.  What I mean is, I am at home, I need to work, to write, to create.  I am in my office.  This means I am working.

My neighbor sees my car in the drive for two days straight, comes over, and sits for nearly two hours.  I am now behind schedule.  It is time to start dinner.  I need to wash a load of clothes, but there is still a load in the dryer. I fold that load, put those away, wait…this drawer is too full, I make a donation bag for Goodwill.  Ooh, it’s time to load the dryer.  I can do one more load of laundry.  I go to the kitchen to snap the beans for dinner. I turn on the television in the kitchen, Maury is on, and you know Rayshaun is that baby’s daddy; now I have to wait to see the results.

I take the Goodwill bag to the trunk of my car; there is another bag already in there. Dammit. What was I doing?  Oh yeah, the beans.

It is now 5:30.  I have not written a damned thing, but I am out of almonds.  It’s not random, and I am not rambling. I am listening to an urban radio station on my drive to the store, and this woman is talking about how much her Mother hates her.  She stated that her mother has never said a kind word to her, and she cannot figure out why her mother bullies her to tears. I thought, “hhmmmmppp?”

Almonds purchased for the Green Beans Almandine, and I get this crazy ass idea.  Why doesn’t she just write her mother a letter?

I took that as my cue and wrote my own version of an adversarial relationship between mother and daughter.  This is what I came up with.

Available on Kindle.
Available on Kindle.

You can get this book from my short story, Slice of Life Series, available on Amazon.  If you don’t hear back from me in a few days, then come over and check my Facebook author page, become a fan, earn some swag, and see what inspires me next.

Writing is a journey of words.  There are characters and cues all around us; you just have to know what is fodder, food and fuel.

Write on!