Week 2- Pulling it all Together

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week-2If you are anything like me, that first week should have been an eye opener. But it was a good week, it put some things into perspective for you.

Here is what you learned:

  1. You did not know your arms were that… um… round.
  2. The size of your right thigh is the circumference of the waist of some leaf nibbler in Los Angeles.
  3. You don’t drink nearly enough water.
  4. You like to eat stuff that your taste buds adore… your ass, not so much.
  5. You probably are only eating three of five food groups.
  6. You need to get moving.
  7. There are other ways to exercise without going to a gym.

Now that we have been honest with ourselves, let’s get to work.

This week the first thing you must do is weigh in, if you haven’t already. Did you lose the 1.5 pounds last week? If not, boost the greenery that you are eating, add a bowl of Raisin Bran and chug down that water this week.

Next, that list that you made of the things you like to do as a workout, this week, you should pick three, pick three days to do one of each, and let’s get cracking.

Yes, we are working out.


My three things this week are:

1: Monday: Hula-Hooping to Five Minutes of Funk (Dear Lord, hear my plea…I may make two and a half and provide the other 2.5 in just funk).

  1. I am going to walk around my subdivision on Wednesday. Okay, it’s a small subdivision, but it is half a mile around once.
  2. Friday: Toning. I have a rubber band thingy. My goal is to reduce the turkey gobblers on my arms before turkey day.

Also this week, log those calories. If you are using a fitness tracker, most come with a website to help you keep up. If not http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ is a great tool.

This Saturday, do something nice for yourself and treat yourself to something yummy.

I will check back in with you next Monday.

Day Four: What are you drinking?

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Okay, put the soda down.  If you are over 30, the only soda you should be having should be mixed in your liquor. If you were truly tough, you would drink the liquor straight–but I digress.  Our conversation is about water.

We have all heard the drink 8 – 8 oz glasses a day, but did you know your water intake should be dependent on your weight? The amount of water a person should drink varies on their weight, which makes sense because the more someone weighs the more water they need to drink. There is a formula that requires you to multiply your weight by 2/3.  That is too hard to calculate. I only like to do math when I am trying to figure out how to pay a bill and still buy a new purse and six bottles of wine.

Here is a chart.  I scratched through the skinny ass people’s weight and went straight to –oh, you are entering diabetes weight range.

Weight Ounces of Water Daily
100 pounds 67 ounces  Skinny People Yeesh!
110 pounds 74 ounces
120 pounds 80 ounces
130 pounds 87 ounces
140 pounds 94 ounces
150 pounds 100 ounces
160 pounds 107 ounces
170 pounds 114 ounces
180 pounds 121 ounces
190 pounds 127 ounces
200 pounds 134 ounces
210 pounds 141 ounces
220 pounds 148 ounces
230 pounds 154 ounces
240 pounds 161 ounces
250 pounds 168 ounces

Yeap, you are going to be tinkling a lot!  When I read it, I thought I was going to drown if I drink that much water! It is a whole lot to start, but that is good,  You are cleansing. Cleansing that is streaming from your pee-pee place. I know, I should not write when I am sleepy, but here are some tips to help you swallow all that water.

Tips for Reaching Your Daily Water Goals

So now that you know how much water you should be drinking everyday, let’s talk about how to make sure you actually get enough. Drinking over 100 ounces of water may seem impossible at first, but with these easy tips you can reach your goal in no time.

  • Drink 2 cups (16 oz) of water before every meal: Science has proven that drinking 2 cups of water before every meal helps you to eat less during meal time and lose weight. If you do this three times daily – at breakfast, lunch, and dinner – you have already consumed 48 ounces of water.
  • Morning and Night: Get into the habit of drinking one glass (16 oz) of water when you wake up and another 8 oz glass before you go to sleep every night. This will add another 24 ounces of water to your daily intake. The easiest way to do this is to keep a glass or container of water at your bedside, that way as soon as you wake up and start your day, you can begin drinking water.
  • Keep Track By Your Container: One thing that has proven to help people consumer enough water daily is to buy a special container for their water, like this one or this one, and set a goal of how many times they will fill and finish the container. For example, if you buy a 16 oz container and need to drink 80 ounces of water a day, your goal would be to drink 5 of those daily. Need to drink more water? Try a larger container.
  • Infuse Your Water With Flavor: Infuse your water with fruit, herbs, and other flavors like adding cucumber, strawberries, lemons, limes, and fresh herbs to create flavorful water.
  • Bubbles: Consider carbonated and sparkling water in addition to regular water.

Or, think that you no longer want to hasten your journey to the pearly gates and just drink the dang gone water!

Today, your goal is to monitor your water intake and write down how much you are actually drinking per day.

Source: http://www.slenderkitchen.com/how-to-calculate-how-much-water-you-should-drink-a-day/#