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It’s Not Easy Being Green

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 I want to help save the planet. I want to reduce my carbon footprint. I want to make a difference. I recycle. I even attempted to grow some tomatoes, but I have found that it is not easy being green.

After a little bit of reading, I discovered that buying local produce from the Augusta farmers market is a great way to begin going green. I even shop with a reusable bag with a cart on wheels each week. I even I started a walking program about a month ago and then the temperatures went to 100 degrees. I scrapped that idea until maybe cooler weather. I wasn’t daunted though, continued to strive for a better way and a better day. I decided maybe simple is better.

Off I trotted to Lowes and purchased a water filter for my kitchen sink. Along with my new filter, I also purchased BPA free water containers. I did away with buying bottled water and now have tasty water in a reusable container. See I’m working it. I even went one step further. I purchased new energy efficient appliances. Yes, it was a sacrifice but it had to be done. At least I didn’t buy the fridge with the TV on the door.

I then began to look for other ways to make a difference. I bought a Cruz Reader, to read my books and magazines, you know to save a tree. I even got a free Thriller from Kobo. I think other people also had the same idea and look what happened to Borders Books. I didn’t save any jobs, but hey, I am saving paper and thus saved a tree. I almost went to e-billing, but I don’t check my email often enough, and if I bill came is as Spam, I would probably just dump the folder then my credit would be ruined.

I am working hard though. I do not have any paper plates or plastic forks in my house. I was very pleased to find out that using these items increases land fill waste and my being snobby actually was helping. Who knew? I even joined Recycle Bank to increase my incentives as a do-gooder type. I even changed my light bulbs, make sure that lights are off, and the thermostat is adjusted to an even temperature. Well, I know enough about being frugal to call Georgia Power and stay on a flat bill payment plan, and they even have a Go Green plan as well!

I even begin a water conservation program at home and started taking showers with hubby. Oh shut up, I have been married for 21 years, every little bit helps. Just so you know that I am serious about my efforts, I reduced my driving to only necessity. I am staying home as much as possible to save gas and decrease air pollution.

I know it may not seem like much, but what are you doing to make a difference in your life, and where you live? I am not one to get preachy because I am an essayist, not a lobbyist, but in order for a change to come, at some place we all have to recycle, reduce, and reuse to close the loop. Give it a try, I know that it’s not easy being green, but somebody’s got to do it.

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