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Taking Re$pon$ibility

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515X2WgNcKL__SL500_AA300_I am excited. Today I received my 90 lesson plan and my workbooks to be more financially savvy, monetarily aware, and a master of my coinage.

I spoke with your before about taking a challenge to live a cash only life.

I will be very honest with you, thus far, I considered myself to be frugal, but when I looked at my financial viability, I am a credit risk. I knew something needed to change. I reached out to Hasheem and Deborah Francis, Founders of Loyalty Leaders Publishing, and developers of the Cashology Academy. I am going to live a Cash Only life and bring some perspective into my financial life.

I must say, after reviewing the material, I am a bit intimidated. However, I did not pick up my bad habits overnight and thereby my spending and money knowledge is not going to be improved overnight.

Today I am starting a new relationship with money. Today, I am starting anew and living a Cash Only Life. I am going to be better with my money. I invite you to come along with me on my journey. You can follow my lead and pick up your own materials on and learn with me. If you are not able to afford the materials, then keep reading and learn from me.
Journal Entry One: What I learned today about money.

I learned that I have none and am hit with a sad face. Christmas is next week and I have just enough to get small token gifts. I was hit with a financial obligation that depleted me and I should have been better, but there is no planning for such matters. Today I learned that you must save for a rainy day, and some rainy days are just evil storms.

My first step is to take responsibility for my actions and everything that happens in my life.

Let’s get started. I will touch base with you again on Friday to tell you how things have progressed as I start to review my financial health and move towards financial freedom.