Little black dress

That’s Pretty Fancy

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    I am headed out to vacation. I have gone to see the Asian herbalist so that I do not look beached when I put on my whale sized swimsuit. The plan has changed my timelines, so I have time on my hands waiting for my next feeding. I am so hungry I can barely function. I will not give up so I started to look at what I was taking on vacation.

    I decided early on that I was not going to buy a great number of clothing, but find a way to repurpose some items that I already have with some adjustments. That was the plan until I walked into Walmart and saw this simple beauty for $16. I know right, standard black dress, below the knee, perfect for a night out, but it is blah! Here’s the beauty of this dress and that room I have full of stuff. I have time, I have stuff, I also have this black dress. So with some iron on fancy dancies and some steam, here is the same dress.

I KNOW! I now have an After 6 dinner dress for less than $20.

Now I am looking through my closet what else do I have to make really cute.

Here is a blah skirt, in a lovely color and a plain white tee shirt picked up from Wallyworld for $4.97. I was still in my room looking for something, because I am hungry as hell and still have two hours to go before I can eat lunch.

I added some iron on appliques that I picked up from JoAnn’s. A little bit of ironing, and I have a matching ensemble. I know, really cute and just for pennies.

I am ready for Shuffle board on the Lido deck with Julie.

Maybe if I can continue this diet thing, I may actually get something done.