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Give Me A Break

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    I am so tense and tight that I feel at any moment I am about to break loose and hurt a body. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not angry, I am just tired and in need of a respite. I reached the limit of my tolerance for bullpuckey about two weeks ago.

    As an educator of adults, you are sometimes torn between the adult who feels they are too old to learn or the youngster with way too much feeling and is scared to learn. All of it is trying on a nerve. A nerve that is hurting. If you factor in days when Uncle Osteo Arthritis wants to be uncooperative, then you have an unhappy camper. However, let us back up for a minute.

    We can begin with Hoodie-Thon. Yes, this is one subject that I will barely touch other than to point out a few obvious things. The first obvious thing is that we are so desperate for something to believe in, that we find ourselves championing something that yes, is controversial, but will not change our lives. If changing your Facebook status to a picture of you in a hood is your idea of activism, then it is time to reevaluate your standing. Second, using your celebrity to Tweet a location for the gathering of a lynch mob is stupid. And last, we are paying four dollars per gallon of gas, our children are eating crap, the food manufacturers are feeding us “pink slime” in our beef and you are wearing a hoodie to show solidarity. Give me a break and he (guy in photo) is a vegetarian, but I’d bet he has days when he wants to hurt a burger and provide a news report on how good it is.

    Let’s move on to our twenty four hour news networks. I tuned in and the same stories are run hour after hour with the same catch phrases. There are seven continents and one is melting, I would rather see the coverage of the ice melting than your news. Even Jon Stewart, with his fake news is more informative than what Fox News is reporting. Please don’t make me hurt you. Give me a break.

    Last, but not least on my list of people who require hurting are IT Techs. These people should not be allowed to breed! No, it is not harsh; let’s think about the last conversation you had with your company’s “IT person?” In order to start the conversation you first may want to find a different entrance into their office because the main door has been outstretched by their giganimous heads. Next, please bring spray for your walkway in order to kill the aroma of their God-like egos before you stand in their presence. Excuse me, did I say stand? Allow me to rephrase, you may want to genuflect in order to even have them hear you because they will answer your question with all the reasons why they can’t help you, the forms you need to fill out, and reminding you to open a ticket. With the pleasantries out of the way, you will be forced to listen to all of the other things that are far more important than you. Here’s list of toilets they would rather clean with their personal toothbrush than to help you with your crummy little issue. Be Gone UnTechnical Peasant idiot and stop pressing control, alt, delete. Give me a Break. I’m crushing your head. I’m crushing your head.

    Next, I am going to crush my own head with a Xanax and glass of wine. I will make the loud noises stop.