Gotham is Back and Bat Shit Crazier Than Ever

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I tuned in last night to check out the second episode of Gotham sans the diminutive Jada Pinkett-Smith.  Initially I was confused because the little man playing young Master Bruce grew at least 6 inches over hiatus.  He is still whiny.  He is still a pain in the ass.  And the kid still believes he is in control of something, as he fired Alfred last night.  If you ask me, the kid needs his ass beat, but no one will because on TV it is called child abuse and in the comic world, he is tragic figure that goes on to be the “terror that flaps in the night.” 

bruceConsidering we know his entire life story, that whole part could have been left out, but alas, it was needed to reintroduce the deep dark chocolate, computer genius Lucious Fox.

You know him, he is the guy that makes all of those wonderful gadgets.

Gadgets Bruce is going to need to combat the criminal element in Gotham; and there is a lot of them too. Barbara Gordon, whom I would swear is supposed to be Batgirl, has fallen down in Arkham and bumped her damned head. She is nuttier than a loon. 

Hell the whole darned city is nutty as hell.  I even tweeted last night that maybe the citizens of Gotham should stop drinking the water. It appears that the powers that be in Gotham agreed.

I love the show.  I am totally hooked and since they have introduced the joker, it only gets more intense. That dude is three feathers shy of a full cap. I mean really!  He was wearing a straight jacket like is was some sort of vest of some shit. 


Either way, I will tune in next week to see more of the insanity that is totally #Gotham.