Ouch! That Really Hurt!

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In the midst of my commitment to be healthier this year, I knew nothing would come to fruition without some hard work.  To become financially healthy, I started a cash only life.  To be mentally healthy, I am writing and engaging more in using my brain.  Becoming physically healthier, I of course, must watch what I eat and exercise.

I made my first attempts at exercise and I can honestly say, Ouch, that really hurt.  My son walked in on my feeble attempts at doing a crunch, and he thought I was having stomach spasms.  He rushed to my side ensuring that I was okay.  After assuring him that Mommy was fine, I ushered him from the room, LOCKED the door, and resumed my dying turtle posture.

This morning, my stomach feels like it underwent a night at a comedy club with someone super funny.  I hurt like the dickens.

I was not done.

With the help of My Fitness Pal, I began to track my dietary habits.  I gave myself some leeway and set the bar at 1600 calories.  Do you know how quickly you can reach 1600 calories?  I found out and I have to think about what I putting in my face.  With my new budget, I don’t have a lot of money to make a great number of choices, so I have to be very selective, with what I am doing.

I have to add, that this really hurts too.

I trudge on.

!!d5in0wBmM~$(KGrHgoOKj4EjlLmZqN)BKoBt73s2!~~_35To add insult to stomach muscle injury, hubby is on a health kick as well.  Coinciding with my financial slimming, he is working on body slimming as well.  We are saving money, so there are no gym memberships. He headed to the track to start walking, and I to my office to dust off work out cd’s.  My son, for Christmas, purchased me a Yoga thingy for the Wii, and honestly, Wii, would not like to play. I tried that CD and ended up like a twisted, chocolate chunked pretzel.

Not only does my stomach hurt, I think I pulled a butt muscle and my feelings and pride, are really bruised.

Overall, this whole experience is hurtful, but I must learn.

What I learned about money today: Today, I am re-evaluating our insurance plans and policies. I am also double checking some of the luxuries we have and seeing where we can save money, on Cable, cell, and utilities. I am probably, like most people, paying for things I don’t need and don’t use.