Critical thinking

What Was I thinking?

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I haven’t posted a blog in almost two weeks. For a minute, I felt I didn’t have anything to say? What was I thinking? I always have something to say. I am always thinking about the probability, the plausibility and the possibility of things to come. One of those oncoming things is the future.

Today, as we entered the mid-term process, I asked the students to begin composing their final speeches. The final speeches require the student to go forty years into their futures and imagine all of possibilities of the great things they are going to accomplish. This assignment stumped them and they had nothing. It was a total freak out and a mind block. I began to think, have we forgotten what is like to dream?

One student had and in the process of thinking about her now young children being successful parents and spending time with her grandchildren, she began to cry. What was I thinking introducing this process so soon? I know what I was thinking; I want you to believe.

    I want you to believe that all things are possible. If you can dream it, it is plausible. If you believe it, then it is probable. Making it come to life is where the task comes to play. I make them mind map it. I ask for the timeline starting from a graduating point, then move the audience with them through the bachelor’s degree, through the Master’s degree or if will they go further. I asked, of you are being awarded a lifetime achievement award, what you will achieve in your lifetime?

I want to be a great novelist. I want to win awards for my words. I want to dream bigger than my current circumstance. What I was thinking was so I still in fact remember how to dream?