Burning a Hole in My Pocket

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This week I am tasked with managing my mindset about money.  I am not sure if I can do this one; this will be my biggest challenge yet.  As part of my 90 day cash only life, I am tested on ensuring that I can differentiate my wants from my needs.  I am challenged to go to the bank and take out $100.

I can do that. Okay, done….keep reading.

dollar-money-ben-franklinI am to keep this $100 in my wallet for 30 days and not touch it.

It is day three with the Big Head Benjie in my wallet, and that fool will not stop talking to me.  Every time I open my purse, Benjie is yelping at me, “spend me, spend me!”

  It’s not easy doing this. Honestly, it’s just not fair. Let me tell you how unfair this whole thing is.

I went to Dillard’s to purchase some hose and they had a sale on Dooney & Bourke.  There was a purple bag that was only $125!!!  I know right!  A solid Dooney in purple and it is on sale!  I have the $100, I have the difference and sales tax….Mama want pretty bag! 

I can’t have it.

I am responsible for the Big Headed Friend in my wallet and I will take good care of it.  I will not spend it.  I will not abuse it.  I am entrusted with its care for the next 27 days. Benjie is my new baby.

Benjie is burning a hole in my pocket.

What I learned about money today: I like expensive sh*t and I shouldn’t buy stuff because it’s pretty, and my husband is not made of money. Also, I had lunch with the girls today spending only $2.98 for my meal.  I had a fully punched frequent diner’s card that earned me a free lunch. I only had to buy the drink and no one at the table knew how little I had spent and I was still cool.

Shut the Front Door!

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There comes a time in all of our lives when we must sit and reevaluate who we are and what we stand for and come to terms with the results. I have been weighed, and measured and found wanting.

My husband had some much needed time off and had been enjoying relaxing at home. Once a year his employer allows them to purchase packs of movies passes, and during this time off, we caught up on the holiday movie season. Since Hubby had taken me to see Django Unchained and Jack Reacher, I thought I would repay the favor.

In keeping with my 90 Day Challenge to live a cash only life, I went to the bank and took out $75. I figured this was enough for a nice lunch, some office supplies, and a few other items. It didn’t work out like that. I decided to take my hunk of burning love to Bippity de Boppedy for a late lunch slash early dinner. The food is amazing and so are the prices when you are ordering a la carte.
ChoppedAntipastoSalad-L-14720_298x196We ordered the chopped antipasto salad ($12.75) and the baked rigatoni (16.75). After we order dessert, a fantastic cheesecake with raspberry coulee and drizzle with hazelnuts (12.75), alongside two coffees, and a tip, we were at $65! Shut the front door! I was once more broke.
I was headed back to the drawing boards and reviewing Commandment Number 8, developing multiple streams of income. I started calling my clients and worked most of the day of Friday. I was back to having money in hand. I went back to work with my second business and started meeting again with authors to get some books flowing in the New Year. I do have multiple streams of income, I am just spending too much. I am responsible for my financial future and I have been wasteful. I did learn some stuff though.

I did not go back to the bank for more money.

I made more money.
The one thing I love about doing this cash only challenge is that I already have good habits and with Commandment Number 9, I owe no man. I do owe a woman though, and Sallie Mae is a stalker.
I opened the door to my bad practices and it is up to me to shut it. I am adding more to my Roth IRA and adding more to my savings. I am learning to pay myself first and only buy what I need.
What I learned about money today: If I go to the grocery store with cash, I am more mindful of what I spend. I actually bought food for the week and left the store with $20.

Taking Re$pon$ibility

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515X2WgNcKL__SL500_AA300_I am excited. Today I received my 90 lesson plan and my workbooks to be more financially savvy, monetarily aware, and a master of my coinage.

I spoke with your before about taking a challenge to live a cash only life.

I will be very honest with you, thus far, I considered myself to be frugal, but when I looked at my financial viability, I am a credit risk. I knew something needed to change. I reached out to Hasheem and Deborah Francis, Founders of Loyalty Leaders Publishing, and developers of the Cashology Academy. I am going to live a Cash Only life and bring some perspective into my financial life.

I must say, after reviewing the material, I am a bit intimidated. However, I did not pick up my bad habits overnight and thereby my spending and money knowledge is not going to be improved overnight.

Today I am starting a new relationship with money. Today, I am starting anew and living a Cash Only Life. I am going to be better with my money. I invite you to come along with me on my journey. You can follow my lead and pick up your own materials on and learn with me. If you are not able to afford the materials, then keep reading and learn from me.
Journal Entry One: What I learned today about money.

I learned that I have none and am hit with a sad face. Christmas is next week and I have just enough to get small token gifts. I was hit with a financial obligation that depleted me and I should have been better, but there is no planning for such matters. Today I learned that you must save for a rainy day, and some rainy days are just evil storms.

My first step is to take responsibility for my actions and everything that happens in my life.

Let’s get started. I will touch base with you again on Friday to tell you how things have progressed as I start to review my financial health and move towards financial freedom.

Living a Cash Only Life

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This month, I was hit out of the blue with something that could financially cripple me for a few months to come. I am angry with myself, but life, is sometimes not fair. I splurged on my vacation. I went out to lunch one time too many. I bought a new wallet and purse when I barely use the 30 I already have.

I need to be financially smarter.

I need to monitor what I am spending.

I need to be cognizant of my savings.

I need to stop being a dumb consumer.

I need to think.

I have decided to live a cash life; only problem, I don’t know how. It’s not as simple as one may think.  There has to be a method to the madness.  So I have made a business proposition to someone who does, the founder of Built to Prosper Companies.  I have sent a message to Hashim and Debra Francis and requested a copy of the Cashology book series.
Cashology e216ea49eb3ebb76955b0492712563b2_g43s workbook

In return for allowing me to test run the system for 90 days, I will blog three times a week about my progress and what I have learned.

It is not going to be easy for a spoiled and pampered wife, but I must do better. I have to do better. I will do better. But first, I have to learn how.  Give me your feedback if you have tried the cash only life.

Stay tuned as this story develops in the meantime, read more here