My Latest Series: The Blakemore Files

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I have not posted much lately, because I have been focused on paying my bills.  I am now, ruefully willing to admit, I am a writing whore.  I now write for money.  I am not cheap, though, and the writing is good.  Wait, I am being modest, my writing has improved.  Greatly.

Writing, like any muscle must be flexed.

I am flexing.

I am getting stronger.

I am kicking some butt and taking names.

This is a fun series to write and the readers are enjoying the ride.

bookcover2 Being Mrs. Blakemore

love the Blakemores October 19, 2013

By Meek:   Gosh I can not get enough of Mr. and Mrs. Blakemore, they are a power couple, who spy hard and love hard. Keep the Blakemore and I will keep buying.

Good Segment October 26, 2013

By Debo: The Blakemore’ s are a very bad couple. The first segment was good as well. I can’t wait until the next book comes out. You need to read the first book it’s the ground work to this segment. I would recommend this book.
Should be a TV Series! October 24, 2013

By Alexis Grace:  I love, love this series. The characters are witty, charming and full of kick ass attitude. They make me really lol and keep turning the pages. In this installment, Mrs. Blakemore gets to meet Saxon family and it was a hoot! The bit about the chicken made me say, “what?” That was just too much and his grandmother is something else. Overall, a really great read and I cannot wait for the next installment.
Love these short stories October 23, 2013

By indigoblue: Very funny and entertaining. Love the humour and funny events. Good read for a short novel. Great writing from author.
Sexy,October 27, 2013

By Toi – I love how attentive Saxton is with his wife!! And I also love how he respects her mind & attitude and that he has to have his breakfast lol lol!! Odessa has such strength & is not afraid to check someone swiftly,honestly & correctly when they’re questioning her about her husband;like their family! Their families are crazy lol you never know what goes on behind closed doors for some people chickens are not just for eating lol.