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Great tips for Everyday living.

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How awesome is this?  Great tips for making your kitchen life easy.  Who says there is nothing worthwhile on Facebook?

Today’s Writing Exercise in the WTF Land.

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I would be one starving ass if this is what it takes to catch some dinner.




Okay, adjusting myself to , “Aww hell naw!”

Learning to Play the Money Game

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Regardless of how much we think we have grown, matured, or come into our own, we all understand that we must learn to play the game. It is not who has all the marbles that is declared the victor, but the winner is the one who finishes the game without sacrificing the marbles in neither his pocket nor his head. As I complete my first thirty days of my 90 Day Cash Only challenge, I am proud to report that I am still the proud owner of my marbles.

I am also proud to admit that I have become much better at playing the game.  If no one ever told you, saving, having and earning money is game, please allow me to pop your bubble  The trick in the victory is to come away with your scruples and increase your wealth with honesty. Nothing is more straightforward than living a cash only life. During this challenge, I put away my credit card, yes that is singular, and even put away my debit card.  I went raw dog and did exactly as I was told, cash only.  Now, I am cursing because I still have sixty bleeping days to go.  But, I digress, back to the game.

imagesCA9I05HL   Saving money is game.  In this game of life, you need something in the bank. If you have ever seen an episode of Extreme Couponing, you know it can be addictive. Those women spend hours a day playing the saving money game.  I am cool and cute; I do not have that kind of time to spend so that I can come out of the store with 12 boxes of Kotex, six cans of hair spray and spend $.86.  I am not stupid though, so I modified my couponing, and set off to Bi-Lo.  I was armed with $70 in cash and needed food for two weeks.  It took me an hour and a half, but after the weekly meal deal, fresh fruits and veggies, a boat load of coupons that were doubled, plus my Bi-Lo bonus card, I spent $58.85.  I also saved money and got a $.05 credit for each of my own shopping bags. I brought 3 and saved $.15. I earned $.20 on my Fuel Perks and can now take that off per gallon of gas. Oh hush, in this game, the object is to get more, spend less, and come home with something. I am now hip to the coupon game.

I met the Krazy Coupon Lady and printed coupons from there.

I visited the masters on saving with coupons.

I have free printable coupons.

I am proud to get Fruit Juice for $.58!  It means more money in my pocket.

The object at the end of the 30 period, is to use only cash and keep a journal.  My journal is live and I hope you are enjoying my journey.  I am.  Because I have learned a great deal about money and my spending habits.  The next sixty days are going to be tough, because now I must pull my credit reports, have a conversation with my stalker, Sallie Mae, and review my insurance. I also have to donate 10% of my income to a charitable organization. If it is what I need to do to increase my wealth, then I will.

I am getting better at playing the game, and I am building up my marble stash. I am not afraid to move forward, size up some new opponents and head towards the championship.  However, first, I need to take on some regional champs. Who’s got next?


Are you talking to me?

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    As I made my way through the grocers on Friday, it appeared that I had broken out in the words, “Talk to me.” At first it seemed kind of random, and then it became kind of creepy. I am uncertain why people I don’t know like to begin conversations with me. Some of the conversations are to my face and some have been to the back of my head, and while I was leaning over to check the beef selections, there was even one to my butt. Each time, to make sure I was not being rude, disrespectful to my elders, I responded with the same question, “Are you talking to me?”
    Evidently, the older gentlemen picking sweet potatoes, was conversing with me. It seemed to be a burden on his mind that “people need to get right, because the end is coming near.” I looked to my left, then right, and even over my shoulder. “I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” He was, and the price of sweet potatoes triggered some mental flash in him that the end of the world is coming because both sweet and white potatoes prices were on the rise. After he left, I went over to make sure that one of the sweet potatoes didn’t have an image of the Virgin Mary in it. No, it was just random.
    Milling my way through the fresh produce and down the canned goods aisles, Grandma Mazur decided to stop me so I could help her find a can of red salmon. However, the conversation first started with how all the stores carried the pink and not the red. Not meaning to frown, I asked, “are you talking to me?” She was angry and frustrated and just wanted some red salmon. I pointed to the red can and even went as far to hand it to her. They were the only red cans of salmon, ergo, red salmon, so calm down lady.
    It just got stranger from there. I was asked did I know how to make weenie stew. I have never heard of such but figured it required beef franks instead of the normal hot dogs. Another lady wanted tomato paste in the tube; do they even make that? I was polite and told her to try Publix or fresh market since that was a specialty item. If she shopped in this store often, she could ask the manager to order it for her. “That’s what they did in the Tobacco Road store, they ordered me some polenta,” she smiled and continued, with unbridled excitement, “it came in real quick like too!” Yes, it was uncomfortable to me too. Even more uncomfortable was me bending over the beef bin and hearing, “yeah, that looks real tasty.”
    I turned to find a diminutive version of my grandfather eyeing the rump roast. Or was he eyeing my rump? I refused to ask if he was talking to me because the mental implication was just too creepy and gross to fathom. I am not certain what it is about me that prompts spontaneous conversation, but it happens to me all the time. I must have a friendly face or a Doppelganger that needs to learn to shut the bleep up. It is even funnier to me that although I am polite and answer, most people would leave me be, if the only knew what I was just thinking.