What I’m Reading: Dragon’s Blood

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Dragon's Blood- Story of the Brethren 2


Dragon’s Blood- Story of the Brethren 2 by LaVerne Thompson

A romantic fantasy. Can you hear my dragon roar? After losing her mother at a very young age, Arianna’s world changed when her father came to get her. He took her across the Atlantic Ocean, away from everything she’d ever known and loved. But once again she’s forced to cross the Atlantic, this time leaving everything she’d grown to love behind. Running from the thing that had killed her remaining parent, running for her life. And fleeing from the being she’d dreamt of for half her life. Nothing could save her, she didn’t believe in myths and fairytales. Didn’t believe in the man with the eyes that flashed gold. She could trust no one. Not even the voice whispering inside her head she recognized as her own. Talon had come to Earth searching for his truemate.

Knowing she was near but still so very far away. Only able to reach her when they both closed their eyes, but waking up to find it had all been nothing but a dream. Until one day he heard her cry of pain and felt the crippling pang of fear that invaded her mind. She needed him, but he couldn’t find her. Not until she released her block against him. He just hoped it would not be too late. Because an ancient enemy roamed Earth once more and hunted his truemate. It was a race as to which one of them would find her first. Talon would not lose.

This is not an erotic romance but it does contain sexual content and violence suitable for 18+

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What I’m Reading: The Opposite of New

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The Opposite of Hew by [Tetting, Lisa W.]

The Opposite of Hew Kindle Edition

Kay McQueen is a woman who goes against the grain. She wants no part of love or romance. When her beloved aunt passes away, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. She meets Heath Novack and discovers they have more in common than either of them think. However, when she learns the truth about who he really is, can she forgive his deception or will she realize she has known the truth all along?

$1.99 on Kindle


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What I am Reading: Fantasy Island

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Fantasy Island: Zero Regrets by [Wynn, Zena]

Fantasy Island: Zero Regrets by Zena Wynn

When Sheila Cartier discovers she has cancer, it causes her to take a good look at her life. She’s been pretty satisfied with it so far, but if there’s one thing that troubles her mind, it’s the way she handled her divorce. Sheila doesn’t want a do-over with her ex-husband. She merely wonders if she’d stuck things out, would it have gotten better. Did she make the right decision all those years ago?

If the cancer causes her to meet her Maker, she’d like to do so with zero regrets. Enter Fantasy Island. Her fantasy: What would life be like if she and Grant were still married? The problem? Grant’s dead.

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Available Today: The Men of Endurance

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The Men of Endurance are back for our last installment of 2018.



The “risk it all” student. The “play it safe” professor. An improbable pair, but there’s no textbook for love. Welcome to Endurance, California the single dad capital of the west. 

Music major Autumn Raine is used to taking care of herself. So when an eight-year-old’s prank brings her face-to-face with her secret crush she’s grateful for the rescue, but this close encounter has Autumn wishing for private lessons.

After a failed marriage, single father and college professor, Rui Conners is committed to raising his daughter alone, but Autumn is bandaging his wounded heart one smile at a time.

What’s the problem? She has no idea he’s interested and Rui’s relationship with his ex-wife is far from ancient history.

How will these two people used to flying solo, find the perfect note to make their duet go the distance? 

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art of persistence
Welcome back to Endurance as Jose Primavera learns the art of persistence is sometimes the best way to find love.

Amelie Bishop, the curator at the Endurance Museum has her sights set on Jose, but uncertainty and a pest name Kenny, become a road block on her journey to love. Through the subtle art of persistence, she plans to earn Jose’s trust and his love.

Throw in a sassy nine year old looking for a new Mommy and the fun is just beginning.

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The Final Neary Brother is Almost Here

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15215818_1790944834456407_1992855513_oIt’s time to meet the real Isiah Neary.

The matchmaking, mail order bride lady set them up on a date with free tickets to a Vegas show. A reckless passionate night, a few sleepovers and fast forward three months later, Isiah Neary wasn’t surprised by the phone call from DeShondra Leman.
He knew it was coming.
He expected it.
Isiah just didn’t expect it to be so much damned fun.

Fall in love with DeShondra and Isiah, a man known as Bleu, with a fixation on perfect grass and a great glass of Bourbon as we close out the Neary Saga. Bleu, grass, bourbon, but there is so much more to this man as DeShondra finds out.

Order your copy to day for an August 28th release.

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Ezekiel and Gabriel.

Georgia buckeye