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The Men of Endurance are back for our last installment of 2018.



The “risk it all” student. The “play it safe” professor. An improbable pair, but there’s no textbook for love. Welcome to Endurance, California the single dad capital of the west. 

Music major Autumn Raine is used to taking care of herself. So when an eight-year-old’s prank brings her face-to-face with her secret crush she’s grateful for the rescue, but this close encounter has Autumn wishing for private lessons.

After a failed marriage, single father and college professor, Rui Conners is committed to raising his daughter alone, but Autumn is bandaging his wounded heart one smile at a time.

What’s the problem? She has no idea he’s interested and Rui’s relationship with his ex-wife is far from ancient history.

How will these two people used to flying solo, find the perfect note to make their duet go the distance? 

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art of persistence
Welcome back to Endurance as Jose Primavera learns the art of persistence is sometimes the best way to find love.

Amelie Bishop, the curator at the Endurance Museum has her sights set on Jose, but uncertainty and a pest name Kenny, become a road block on her journey to love. Through the subtle art of persistence, she plans to earn Jose’s trust and his love.

Throw in a sassy nine year old looking for a new Mommy and the fun is just beginning.

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