The Final Neary Brother is Almost Here

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15215818_1790944834456407_1992855513_oIt’s time to meet the real Isiah Neary.

The matchmaking, mail order bride lady set them up on a date with free tickets to a Vegas show. A reckless passionate night, a few sleepovers and fast forward three months later, Isiah Neary wasn’t surprised by the phone call from DeShondra Leman.
He knew it was coming.
He expected it.
Isiah just didn’t expect it to be so much damned fun.

Fall in love with DeShondra and Isiah, a man known as Bleu, with a fixation on perfect grass and a great glass of Bourbon as we close out the Neary Saga. Bleu, grass, bourbon, but there is so much more to this man as DeShondra finds out.

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Ezekiel and Gabriel.

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