Merry Christmas! The Blakemores are Live!

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After five years, we are coming to the close of our serial and favorite gun slinging, Texas family, who seem to be a magnet for bad guys.  It is a bittersweet close as I cried when I penned the final chapter.  However, I am proud of this piece, elated for you to read it, and I think, I have wrapped this up with a nice bow.

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours.  

It’s time to say Goodnight Mr. Blakemore.

A storm is brewing at the Busy B as Bobby Ray puts his foot down with Connard. Odessa heads for a showdown with her in-laws and all the gang are together again. The laughs are plenty as we bid a fond farewell to our favorite family bidding Goodnight Mr. Blakemore to our favorite gun-slinging, breakfast loving, non-conventional hero, Saxton.

**** Full Length Novel*****


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