Cyber Monday: One Click Now

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Cody Richardson has always been a fish out of water, but his latest quest left him flopping about the floor of the Quilting B’s shop. Learning to quilt was nowhere on his bucket list of things to do in his lifetime, but to fulfill his Nana’s wish, time was of the essence in getting 24 quilts finished before her 90th birthday.

Bisa’s plate, head, and heart were full of responsibilities as well as getting a new business up and running. She didn’t have time to prepare for her master quilting certification project, quilt show and helping Cody Richardson fulfill his Nana’s request. Instead of working the project for him, she taught him to quilt.

A sweet romance of centered on family, hope and the meaning of love. The laughs are plenty as Cody joins the Quilting B’s cast of regulars as he stitches his way to family history and into Bisa’s heart.

Pre-order today. Click here.037-6x9-Tablet-Coffee-Wood-Table-Prev2


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