What I am Watching: Star Trek Discovery

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Yay!  Star Trek is back in a big way, but it has left this life long Trekkie with many questions which I assume, will not be answered any time soon.  However, i will get started with my questions and you can tell me what are your thoughts.star-trek-discovery-logo-capa

  1. Star-Trek-Discovery-ship The Ship.  Is this ship similar to the one built by Admiral Marcus in Into Darkness? Does Star Fleet have a whole fleet of warships like the USS Vengeance that explores deeper into space?



This crew, somebody is going to die. You already know it.  They can’t let two women be in charge of anything without having to kill one of them.

  1. Whaddya mean she is Spock’s step sister?  Secondly, why you stepping on a space ship in the middle of nowhere?  It wasn’t bother you.  Get your feet off of it.  The moment it moved your ass should have been blasting off. Now you have gon’ and killed something in a funny suit. This is going to be bad.  really bad.  Excuse me. But when did the Prime Directive kick in?star-trek-discovery (1)
  2. These are the Klingons we remember.left-star-trek-into-darkness-klingon-right-general-chang-in-the-undiscovered-country

  3. What daphuck is this?star-trek-discovery-klingon-1

6. It’s even scarier from the front.star-trek-discovery-t-kuvma-cbs-netflix-science-fiction-geek-001

  1. Speaking of scary? Who hired this whining little Bitch Boy as the science officer?  he is scared of everything.star-trek-discovery-pirating
  • What is this ish right here, a cry of the single men? A mourning howl?  We know nothing of this practice in Klingon customs. Where is Worf?Star-Trek-Discovery-1068x621

  • So many questions, but I think after tonight, many others will understand they are grooming her into the role of Captain to make us like her and develop her skills as a leader.  Right now, she is a not very likable.

    Stay tuned.