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Wow, what a month it has been.  I got this idea and I am so in love with the concept. I was playing around the colors on Photoshop and I took a look at the basic color spectrum of ROYGBIV.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and thought hey, there are seven, what if I marry those colors to how I feel about the week.

Then, I pulled out my handy, dandy notebook and looked through some concepts I had.  I thought about a Cinderella story in reverse.

  1. Take a really ugly man.  Make him hairy.
  2. Add in a beautiful woman with surface beauty, but deeper issues.
  3. Have them meet in a bar.
  4.  Throw in a ventriloquist doll.

Shit, I’m laughing. This may work.Zelda


Okay, good.  We start it off kind of red hot on a Wednesday. We cover the meeting.  The chemistry.  Some steamy scenes, and a deep conversation.  Let’s play with his insecurities and have her notice immediately.

She likes him.

Hell, I like him.

The story is going to be long. He needs to see her life and she needs to see his.

It’s too much detail to do in one shot, even in 100k words, so I break it up.


Violet. Tuesday. Okay good, he is heading to her world and she how she lives.

However, he has to meet and deal with her brother first.  I need some time to build the relationship with her brother. I need their interaction to be intense, yet solid. Further, I need to deepen his connection to her, allow him to establish that you are the woman I want, but we have to work this out.

Okay, a couple of days in her world and she finds out more about him, but there is more to this man.

Her brother likes him, but also knows there is more to that man.

She needs to go to his world and find out more.


Bring in some yellow, make it a Friday and she meets his friends.  She also see that house.

She can really see Scott, but the house brings up some very old and dark memories for Zelda changing the relationship a bit.

I like this series.

I hope you will too.