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Death’s Door By David Reichart

“Late at night, when you’re all alone behind the wheel of a big Freightliner, with the deep hypnotic drone of 500 horses trying to hum you a lullaby, all the dark thoughts you manage to keep locked up during the light of day get a chance to make their move. That’s when images you’ve tried to banish and thoughts you’re still not prepared to deal with creep out of a reptilian brain stem and slither toward your unguarded conscious mind. 

I should have known that trucking wasn’t a good career choice for a guy whose whole adult life had been spent as a professional warrior. One thing I didn’t need was more time alone with my thoughts. But I did need a job, so when I heard that trucking companies were begging for guys like me—and nobody else was—I took the bait. Big mistake.”

David Reichart’s story is about a former Special Ops military man trying his best to fit back into society. Now, Jessie Yates is  an undercover operator.  His first assignment centers around the hijacking of transport vehicles in an area of Alabama and Georgia. A trucker thriller is a first for me.

Currently Free on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/Deaths-Door-David-Reichart-ebook/dp/B016SBJLAE
Addict of the Wasteland Wasteland, Volume 0.5 Jon Cronshaw

“He passes dead trees and crawling vines, rusted road signs, and the foundations of long-gone houses poking through the lifeless soil. Blast craters pepper the land to the south. Everything is coated in a brownish-grey dust, probably swept across the wastes during the last storm. He heads towards the greenery. 

After two miles or so, the road gets steeper. He keeps watch, alert for movement. He grips the handle of his pistol and listens. A dog howls in the distance, too far away to be a threat. The pull of the plez is there; it’s always there, nagging him, prodding him. He shudders, removes his cap, runs his hands over his lank hair and beard, and shakes away the withdrawal.”

Addict of the Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic tale about finding hope and redemption against all odds.

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