What I am Writing: Oregon Trails

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Good Morning Lovers, Bibliophiles and Romance Enthusiasts,

I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce you to my newest stars Paul and Kalinda Darton.  Paul used to be the philanthropic arm of his family’s business Darton Industries, ensuring the family did it’s part to protect the environment. After a fall out with his brother, he goes for a hike in Eastern Oregon, falling in love with the land.

This isslide1 where he will stake his roots.  Nearly two years pass and Paul is a little lonely. He advertises for wife who can cook.

There is a whole backstory of this man and his relationship with food.  Eating is not as easy as you would imagine for some folks.  Paul also hopes his bride to be will be internet savvy to help him sell his idea to dazzling urbanites who crave a weekend away from it all to enjoy some “Wide Open Spaces.”

Enter Kalinda Marsh.

On the outside it looks like she has it all together down to her color coordinated socks and shoes. Inside, she is a hot mess with Daddy issues that is a laundry list long.

It is not an ‘I’m angry at the world’ laundry list which makes you hate her character, you like this woman. Her laundry list is an inner dialogue of a woman trying to find her place in the world and fit in. She simply wants to belong.  Kalinda is also very likable from the beginning all the way to the end. Her mother didn’t make it easy.  Her father, Lord knows he has made it tough, but she missed so many of the smaller details which make up the big picture.


They are an adorable couple who aren’t worried about figuring out how to make the relationship work, they are more concerned with dealing with their crazy families. Launching a new business in the middle of nowhere is also a concern. Then there is the two families. Very different, in every way, but downright loving.  In the end of the story, that is what it all boiled down to is family.

Now, let me introduce you to the town that has goats wandering in the middle of the street. That part is actup10604781-300x225ally true. There is one street that runs through the town.

The town of Imnaha, Oregon, named after Chief Imna, the HA is added at the end of special people.  Yep. That’s true as well. It has one store, a bed and breakfast and a restaurant which serves local fare like rattlesnake, coot, venison and other stuff they catch out in the woods.  


This is the post office.  Paul is the post master, post man, mail carrier, and staff. He delivers mail to 80 stops in a town of 175 people. I am not sure if he is a good post man or not. He manages to deliver the mail each day, but his main concern is getting home to that sexy wife of his.

I like to add quirky supporting characters to my stories. This general store for example, in this novel is owned by a fella named Curly Joe and his blind brother. The brother is constantly half nekkid in town because each time he tries to cross the street, the goats eat his clothes. 

Curly Joe is married to QT, which is pronounced Cutie and she has been endowed with a rather large bottom.  It is the topic of much conversation, questions, and mathematical analysis. It even knocked over a child.


This is a full length novel of about 65k words.

Since it is a novel, it is up for pre-order on Amazon. I really enjoyed writing this story. In these words I get to address what people are willing to do to maintain certain types of relationships with the one they love. I dance around some social mores that we don’t like to discuss and poke fun at some silly things we slip under the table to avoid discussing.

In the end, it is all above the love.


I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed crafting the lives of these two funny and wonderful people encouraging others to get out there and enjoy some Wide Open Spaces.

Pre-order it here.