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5 Questions with Chloe Quinn

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chloe-author-pic-black-and-whiteFavorite Read: This question is always a tough one for me because I love to read. But I will limit it to one. Currently I am enjoying a great poetry book by award winning author Lexi Miles entitled Focused on Love. Okay and if I can sneak one more in I would say Custom Fit also by Lexi Miles. (I’m a fan of her work). *Smiles*

Where do you find inspiration for most of your books? I tend to draw inspiration from everywhere. Like with my current work Daphne, I was inspired after watching a marathon of Hallmark Christmas movies. Most of the movies took place in a small town. So I figured what would be a better setting than Daphne being set in the fictional small town of Donna’s Gate, Ca where Daphne grew up. Then the story just took off from there. Like the movies I watched, I knew Daphne had to have an uncomfortable situation she had to overcome. So I decided on making it about Daphne’s return home after she loses her job at a production house in the big city of San Francisco, Ca. 

Do you have a favorite writing space? I would have to say, put me next to a body of water resize-cover-daphne-copyand I’m good. I love to write by the pool, a lake, and sometimes even near the ocean. I would have said a coffee house too but I wasn’t too sure if could say the hot water they use for making the drinks would count. *giggles*

What tactics have you found to be most effective against writer’s block? I find if I step away and relax my mind, I normally can get passed the block. Some things I do are take my dogs out for a walk, watch an episode of one of my favorite shows, play a game on my smartphone, or listen to my ambience sound spa machine.

The other thing I find helps is talking out the point I have gotten stuck on.  I don’t care how crazy I appear talking to myself out loud, but I discuss what would be the most logical next place to take the story aloud because it really does end up helping me get to something good.

Are you an active participant in the cover design of your books? I do love that I have a say in the design of my book covers. Having this freedom is great. Being able to give specific description guidelines of what my characters look like in my head to my publisher and the publisher follows those guidelines, delivers a real pleasing end result I believe for the readers. I imagine it will help readers connect even more with the headspace I was in while I was composing the book. I think when the right depiction of the characters appears in the cover art it makes it feel, for me anyway, like the final step for completing the book has been achieved.

About the Author

Bio (brief): Chloe Quinn was born in Northern California right in the heart of what is known as the Silicon Valley. There she grew up with her younger sister Alex. Though she was raised in California, Chloe spent most of her summers either in Hawaii, New York, Texas, or Nevada. She still currently lives in California a few miles away from the beautifully eclectic city of San Francisco.
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