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I set out to write something different and was amazed at the direction this series ended up taking me.  It has been well over two years, but the vision is finally coming to life. Before I get into the the details, I want to tell you about the vision and the journey to the finished products.

Initially when I discussed the idea with my inner circle, it was met with a few reservations. If the people who knew me and writing style best were confused, then I needed to head back to the drawing board. My current hypotheses for a calculated success was not going to work out. it would be too big of a transition for my readers to randomly head out to Wyoming for no reason. Okay, well, let me figure this out. Instead of introducing the charawyoming-nightscters in the Serenity right away, I started with a darker story about redemption and starting over.

Enter Darlene and Daniel.

Darlene loses everything and desperately needs to start over.  Her crazy, loving, and bordering on insane friend sets out to get her remarried by setting her up online to meet four men.

The fourth one is the winner.

What I love about Daniel is that he was okay to just be her friend if she didn’t choose him. In the end, everything she lost was returned threefold in the way of Jamar, Jack and a Cassandra.  

These characters are bold, rich, well rounded and hilarious. You meet Jamar, whom Darlene learns is building a town in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. Jamar is a lovable dude who doesn’t quite get along with Cassandra. Their interactions are priceless.


Along with Jamar, you have his right hand and partner in building Serenity, Jack Kinson who has his own secrets and reasons for coming to help Jamar build his town. I really like Jack.  He says what he means and means what he says, he just says it all wrong.


I needed to tie the two books together and give the readers a feel for what Jamar was trying to accomplish as well as explain how he and Jack met.  This provides a better overview of Jamar’s overall vision for the town as well as my vision for the series.

You can get this one for free. You can even get it  in a  PDF. Of course, it is on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo as well.


From here I was ready to build Serenity.  Jamar’s list of people he needed to build the town are: A construction worker, an electrician, a farmer, a doctor, a general store owner, to name a few. Let’s add an electrician.

I already had one in my database.  (Yes I keep a data base of my characters and their jobs).  I took this one from my Venture, Georgia Series. 


You initially meet Holden in Turning the Page, he is Janie Cimoc’s brother, who has an immediate attraction to Ethan, his brother in law’s sister.  You know how my mind works.   I am nuts. Tallullah Strom is an accomplished woman, a pediatrician and a catch.  Holden is a freelance contractor, was raised by hippies who live in a double-wide painted with peace signs with a yard filled with garden gnomes. The gnomes are also holding peace signs.

Holden is currently available for your reading pleasure, Farmer will be available in November.

Here are the links to Holden. Happy Reading.

Come fall in love as we head back to Venture, Georgia to revisit some old friends.

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