Watching: Straining for The Strain

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the-strain-season-3-posterIt is finally here.

Season premier night!  I can’t stand it I am so damned excited. It is an ambitious show that still needs to work out some of the finer details in characterization, but I am wondering, are they getting it right?  

We know Eph is spiraling because he not only failed as a husband but also as a father long before the Master rolled his Vampire Bukkake spewing ass into town.

Fet is heartbroken. Setrakian has his own agenda which keeps placing them closer to to death.  The Master has a new body and then there are the street loaded with worm spitting vampire makers. And this fucking dude!


We all have our hopes of what we want to see in the show, but let’s be honest, everything can’t be Medieval porn with flying dragons or a an ass kicking zombie killing former sheriff.  Sometimes we have to sit and watch the magic develop. I am not expecting the first few episodes to be that great, we have to get back into the groove of the show.  We must be reintroduced to the characters, their plights and their pains.

So we can connect.


Then cuss them out for being so damned stupid.  Some are already spewing worm like venomous barbs of contention.  However,   of the Collider posted   1 DAY AGO that she is simply disappointed.

 “How disappointing it is then that what comes next is more of what came before. Thanks to a small time jump, we don’t pick up with our heroes on the run, but right back in Brooklyn under the protection of Councilwoman Feraldo. Fet is using his encyclopedic knowledge of New York’s underground tunnels to help the military hunt down The Master, Setrakian is hard but slow at work translating the Lumen, and Eph is, as ever, drunk and kind of the worst, devasted by losing his son to The Master. He’s ostensibly upset about the whole Nora thing too, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the way he only brings her up once, and essentially only as a cover story.”
“As for Zack, he’s obviously still the living worst, and now that he’s finally reunited with his mother, he spends most of his time whining about how much he misses his dad. I swear, this fucking kid… Ultimately, instead of finding our characters at the start of a new chapter, we find them somehow regressed back to what is essentially same old, same old and the first three episodes are spent catching up instead of moving forward.”-
I am going to watch simply for entertainment value, then take it from there.  I will keep you posted.
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