Day One: The Emerald City

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Good Morning and greetings from Seattle.

I told hubby that I was feeling guilty about leaving my Facebook Family unattended for two weeks, especially after so much daily heavy interaction.  

Hubby said to bring you guys with us.

Yes, I love him to.

These posts are preset, but when I return I will have photos of all of the places you will visit again in 2017 in my stories.

Our first stop, Seattle.

Seattle, on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and encompasses thousands of acres of parkland (hence its nickname, “Emerald City”). It’s home to a thriving tech industry, with Microsoft and headquartered in its metropolitan area. The futuristic Space Needle, a legacy of the 1962 World’s Fair, is its most recognizable landmark.
Weather: 63°F (17°C), Wind NW at 0 mph (0 km/h), 81% Humidity
Hotels: 3-star averaging $262, 5-star averaging $384. View hotels
Getting there: 6 h 51 min flight, around $490. View flights
Local time: Saturday 5:10 AM
Population: 652,405 (2013)

Our travel partners, Heather and Shawn said we have to have dinner somewhere down here.  She wants to go “where the people catch the fishes”.  That is going to be a laugh in itself.

Hubby wants to see the Space Needle.

Since it is Seattle.  I may be able to send you over some live video later today.  I will try. 

That’s it for now.

Love you!  Mean it.  And, yes, I am getting some of Seattle’s best coffee.