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Favorite Read:

Lexi Miles 


How Good Can It Get by Alan Cohen has got to be my go to as far as books to read.  I read a lot, but I circle back to that one because I never tire of it.  The story is one of those that expands the way you think, is positive, inspires me, and always gets me smiling.  I also enjoy reading romances with a variety of strong plots and feisty characters by either Chloe Quinn or Dakota Storm.

Where do you find inspiration for most of your books?

From everything around me from a song, a feeling that I am having, or a subject that I am fond of and just have to write.  Most recently, when writing Convince Me, I came across the idea of in-home hosted meals. (Meals prepared for a group of people that are strangers and want a homemade meal versus going out to a restaurant that are pre-booked via an online service.)  I thought the idea was incredibly interesting and that it would be a refreshing way for my romantic leads of the story to meet. 

Do you have a favorite writing space?

Yes!  I have to admit Olivia, giggling as I say this, until you asked about it I had not realized that I kind of do! I love to sit in my chair at my desk legs up and crossed beneath me as I write.

What tactics have you found to be most effective against writer’s block?

I have a few tricks, but when I get blocked often times it is because my brain needs a break.  So, I step away and return when I am fresh.  If I don’t have time to step away I either remove the last part, skip to another part I am inspired to write, or although this may sound silly, I stand up turn on music and dance around.  Any of these tend to really work for me and keeps things fresh whenever I write.

Are you an active participant in the cover design of your books? 

Yes.  My publisher Hunter Grant Publishing allows me to have a lot of say in my covers as well as final approval. So far, all of the covers have hit my vision or surpassed it in spades!

About Lexi

 Lexi Miles was born in northern California. Lexi lived in various places in California and Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno).  Tropical warm spots and out of the way ranches are Lexi’s favorite escapes. She has one sister, Cat. Presently she resides in California and is a proud pup mom of two mischievous Yorkies.  They are handfuls and most definitely light up her life!

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