An interview with the Reader #2

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Jayne Williams Andrews

Favorite Read: 

Stephen King’s The Stand.  Published in the 70’s this post-apocalyptic novel introduced me to the genre.  So many of the books, movies and television series today are newer versions asking the age old question, “Will good triumph over evil in the end?”  I rarely read a novel twice but this one has been read and reread. 

What role did books play in your early life? 

My sister was an avid reader and read to me from birth.  We would walk to our local library with a bag paper bag in hand and return home with a bag full of books.  She introduced me to Narnia, Neverland, and Castle Rock.  Books became a part of me and a way to escape from the emotional upheaval that was part of my childhood.

Do you happen to have an author crush?

My newest author crush is on Patrick Rothfuss author of The Kingkiller Chronicle series.  I finished the first book, The Name of the Wind, and have begun the second, The Wise Man’s Fear.  This series is filling the void left by Harry Potter.

Do you think writing courses and writer’s workshops are worth the investment for aspiring authors?

Definitely, aspiring authors need nurturing just as any other artist does.  The more knowledge one acquires the better they will be at what they do.  Authors can learn from their peers things that they cannot learn anywhere else.

Do you think that networking with other readers is also important?

Yes, after I read a book I am bursting.  I need to talk about it with someone who understands.  Why do you think people are always recommending or lending books to other people?  Because they want to share the experience.

How important is a book’s cover to overall marketing of a book?

Very, even when purchasing a book online I look at the cover.  The cover gives you an indication of the world you are entering when you choose the book.  I have looked over many books because the cover was not appealing only to discover later that it is a wonderful book.

What do you think every writer should know about character development?

Make your characters believable.  They must have emotions and personal connections to be real. A reader wants to get to know the characters and feel what they are feeling.  You should emerge from the pages white knuckled or sobbing at times.

If you had a chance to address a room full of authors, what would you want them to know? 

That I appreciate them.  They have made my life so full.  Thanks are not enough.

Why do you read? 

I read because I love reading.  I love reading because if takes me away from everyday life but it also connects me to everyday life.

About Jayne

 Jayne Andrews is the Outreach Services Coordinator for the Augusta Outreach Center of Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services or GLASS.  Jayne received a BA in history with a minor in education from Augusta University and then taught middle grades social studies and language arts in the Richmond County School System.  She received her Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina and worked at the Columbia County Library before accepting the position at the Augusta Center.

Twitter: TalkingBooksAug

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