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I am often asked what is the best way to grow your readership? First, you have to grow your brand, you grow your brand through readers. To me, the most cost efficient and best way to do both is Instafreebie and Bookfunnel. Choosing between the two can sometimes come down to your budget and end goals. 

You get what you pay for applies here.

I was recently speaking with an author who asked me how to grow her readership. I told her I use Instafreebie.

She in turn informed me about Bookfunnel, which is only $20 a year, versus $20 a month like Instafreebie.

Several things came to mind after I shared the info, however, there are a couple of important things to note here.

1. Don’t ask for advice then tell the advice giver what you are doing, especially if it is not working well for you.

2. Bookfunnel is great if you are simply trying to get people to read your book for free.

3. Instafreebie is better if you are trying to grow your email list.

4. Instafreebie, pay the $20 a month for a few months, go back to a free plan, then back to $20 a month when you have some releases.

5. Bookfunnel does not feed into Mailchimp. You can collect no data other than number of downloads.

6. If you have an email base, you market to your email list versus posting “buy my book” everyday on your FB wall.

7. Free books are great when you have a back catalog of your early works or you are on Book 5 of the series and you wish to give book 1 away.

Last but not least,

8. Have a plan. Understand that the why is equally important as the how.

To ensure that I am giving you accurate, unbiased and both sides to the coins, I asked a fellow author how she uses BookFunnel.

“It doesn’t have to feed directly, you don’t send them the Bookfunnel link. You put the Bookfunnel link into the confirmation email for Mailchimp.”

There are other options out there as well. For example, NYTimes Best Selling Indie Author CJ Lyons has her free book registration on her main page. She uses  

Check it out here for a free book from CJ Lyons.


I hope this helps.

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