Killing Rusty Wouldn’t Be a Major Crime

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I like this show.  I mean I really do.

The characters are rich and dynamic.  The plots are credible, the acting is very LAish, and the stories are engaging.

However…and I insert the pregnant pause here.

There is always one character that could be killed off the show and no one would miss him. On this show it is Rusty. This kid is always coming into the scene with his teenage angst and problems. He actually creates more issues than anything and he is a pain in the puss.

One issue that I have with him is that Sharon, the Captain in charge of the group, spends more time with this kid than she has her own. Everything with him is a major problem or a situation which gets dragged on episode after episode. I bet if he got a splinter, there would be a seven minute scene with him worried it would turn into Necrotizing Faciitis.

I say kill him off.

Hold on…hold on…hold on.  Before you decide I should be killed off, allow me to elaborate.

The whole story line with him and druggie Mama is tired and it is played out.  It begs to be ended with the boy living with a police Captain and having a manipulative mother.  The new sub plot of her being pregnant and wanting Rusty to support her is silly.  He is in school.  He doesn’t have a job and it is going to be a hot mess with Sharon. The two will not mix well.

He is great as the comedic foil…I mean, I understand that he is a ray of light in the darkness of their jobs, but he is annoying as hell.

Okay, your turn, let me have it. Only after you watch this clip.