The Plot Thickens…

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hashI truly didn’t know what was going to happen next, but when I tell you that I grew up in less than 3 minutes. I grew up at his words.

He was calm when he spoke to Idi. His hands were down at his sides when he responded to his question.

Dman: I said the three of us…because I am going to marry this woman.
Idi: Does she know that Part’ Nuh?
Dman: I like that word, ‘Partner” because that is what we are going to become; the three of us.
(Idi was taking a defensive stance, but Dman didn’t budge as he delivered the next words).
Dman: Whatever power you imagine yourself to have over Olivia’s life just ended. I am going to marry her and when that child pops out, it will bear my name. It will grow up in my home and the first words it shall speak will be to call me Daddy.
(Idi tenses as do I, but Dman didn’t stop).
Dman: Each day I will tell that child wonderful things about his father so that when it is your weekend to spend with your child, it will look forward to the time with you. However, Part’nuh, when your time is up, you will bring that child home. Our home.
Idi: What makes you think I am going to go along with this bullshit? It’s my child, I will take you to court and fight you both.
Dman: Or we can settle it all right here and agree to be parents and raise this child in love alongside the others Olivia and I will have. if you don’t want that then I know, your motives are not about the well being of this child….but something else.

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